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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fiona's holiday blog post

On boxing day my dad,my step mum,my cousin,my uncle,my aunt,my friends and I .we went camping at  lake   Rerewhakaaitu  for 8 days when we got there we set up our tent and put our mac boat in the lake. when it was night time my friends and i went for a bike ride around the place its so cool!!! at night the bright Cristal stars are out. Today Georgia and I went for a swim in the lake we went on my friends dount then when i hopped in the dount the whole thing flipped OVER!!! we fall in the water. Then we looked up and my cousin Kaylee arrived with her dad and her AWESOME!!! boat after they got set up Kaylee came into the water with us then when it was dinner time we had to hop out of the water.

2 days later it was new years that morning my grandad and grandma came to visit us at the  lake. Then all the kids went out on the biscuit Kaylee and I spun around corners it was a bit hard to hold on when we were spinning then we decided to go for a swim so when we were nearly at our camp space we slided off the biscuit the water is so refreshing. When it was late at night the kids and adults were having fun we were singing and dancing to freaks it was a beautiful night then we got a bit tired so we went off to bed. I woke to the voice of Kaylee asking if I wanted to stay the night in her tent I said YES!!! so then me and Kaylee moved my stuff into her little tent when it was time to go to bed we played on my phone it was a really cool sleepover. He next morning we woke up early so we could go fishing when we got out there it was so hot and sunny it  was so amazing. 

My Destination

Lake Rerewhakaaitu - My Destination Rotorua

2 days later we ask our friend Georgia if she wants to have a sleep over with us she said yes so we got all her stuff and put them in Kaylee's tent we watched a movie in the tent around 8:30 at night we ate lots of junk  food. It was a beautiful morning the water was so cool but sadly we had to go. 


  1. Wow This looks like so much fun!! I don't think that I would have been brave enough to do this. Go you. It is so much fun sleeping in a tent, however I am too old to do this now. Question: Did you catch any fish at all.