PB4L ( Postive behaviour for learning)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

  • Compose a story ( recount ) about an event using full stops,capital letters,commas and speech marks.
  • I am going to make sure that my simple story has descriptive detail.            
A Moment In Time  
As I sit here I see the waves high and crashing into the rocks. In the distance I can see the yellow rising sun reflecting onto the water, kissing the horizon.
I can feel the sharp jagged rocks going into my pants as I sit here. I can feel the sand squishing through my toes as I walk  across the sandy rocks.  I  feel the sea spray going onto my face as I sit on the rocks. I  smell the soggy, salty seaweed.  This rotten seaweed is getting washed up onto the rocks as the waves come in.  I can hear the seaweed popping as the enormous  waves go over them.
I can taste the sea spray that has been caked on my face and I can taste the salty water.
I can hear the seagulls flapping their wings as they fly out to the rising sun. “I wish that I could come more often”.      

By Xander Shepherd


  1. Nice work Xander, Good job! :)

  2. Nice work Xander, Good job! :)