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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why you shouldn't bullie

Oi you, get out of the way doofus.

Most people don’t realize how big a problem this is. Bullying is so common in our lives that we don’t even realize when it is happening. Some people think bullying is normal everyday thing, well  it’s not. If you give into bullies then that makes the bullies stronger. But if you don’t give in the bullies they will back down.

There are heaps of types of bullying but I will tell you the main ones. There is cyber bullying, verbal bullying,physical bullying, disability bullying, and parental bullying.

Bullying does not always happen in person.Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that happens online or through text messages or emails. It includes posting rumors on sites like Facebook, sharing embarrassing pictures or videos, and making fake profiles or websites. Some people get sent mean text messages.Bully txt you ‘‘Your so mean ,bossy and slow I don’t want to be your friend anymore’’. The victim will not reply they will start crying for hours. Cyber bullying is so mean.

Verbal bullying is so bad hearing words about you is terrible. People will say mean things in front of your face and behind your back and that is not okay.This happens to girls a lot one girl says something mean about you and it hurts your feeling. I know some people don’t want to stick up for themselves because they don’t have enough confidence. But trust me it will sort the problem out.

Disability bullying is so sad because people can’t help the way they were born. Why pick on them they already try to fit in, but teasing them because they are in a wheelchair or are blind  this makes them feel out of place.Just imagine you getting teased if you had disabilities you wouldn’t like it, so if you wouldn’t like it to happen to you then don’t do it to others. Don’t worry about what other people think of you worry about what you think about yourself.

Parental bullying is so bad. Your parents beating you up and hurting you is so bad . Imagine if a teacher asked you why you had bruises all over you. What would you say,most kids will say they fell over or fell off their scooter.

Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.Approximately 160,000 thousand teens skip school every day because of bullying.Kids who are bullied can feel like they are Different, Powerless, Unpopular, Alone.Kids who are bullied have a hard time standing up for themselves. They think the kid who bullies them is more powerful than they are. Bullying can make victims , sad, lonely, or nervous, have problems at school  and Bully other kids.Kids bully others for many reasons, they may, want to copy their friends, think bullying will help them fit in, think they are better than the kid they are bullying.

So I hope you know how  bullying can affect others .So think before you act and treat people the way you want to be treated.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My trip 2 years ago.............

In 2013 I went to London,Spain and Vienna for a four week holiday with my mum and grandma.

We stopped at Korea half way through the fight to London and we all stayed in a hotel. The hotel had a massive garden full of flowers, so I took picturres of every kind. When it reached dinner time we went to an all you can eat buffet where I ate rice, meat and vegetables! For desert I had cake and ice-cream.

The next day we had breakfast, packed out things and went to the airport. At the London airport my aunty and uncle pick us up. We drove for a long time to get to their house. When we finally arrived to their house we... Got the couch bed out and ready, unpacked our important stuff and then we finally got to sleep.

We were at London for a week and we... Went exploring on the London bridge even when it was extremly windy, but it was a good sight. Went to the tower of London, my favorite parts we the crown jewel and the wire animals. It was a very big place with so many rooms!  Then we basically relaxed until we went to Spain for 2 weeks!!!!  
Image result for London bridgeImage result for Tower of london wire animals
At Spain it was very hot so for the first couple of days we were all mainly swimming but the interesting things were... Going to a high mouthing looking down at villages, going shopping and watching flaminco dancers tapping their shoes, swirling their skirts and clicking the castanets.

At Vienna for 3 days... We got lost, we ate and stayed in a hotel until we finally went back to London so we could go home.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Why Reremoana school should have a gymnastics club!

''Mom can I go on gymnastics''
''Sorry no transport''
''Sorry it's to far''

Yes I hear that soooooooooo many times why can't we just have a gymnastics club here......... Yes right here at Reremoana school,Wattle Downs, Auckland, New Zealand!

These are my reasons and then I will talk more about them!
1. Kids can walk to gymnastics
2. Talented gymnasts
3. Reremoana school will earn more money
4. New friends
5. Keeping ourselves fit

Now it's time to get into the reasons!

1. Kids can walk to gymnastics
My mum doesn't drive and my dad work 5 days a week from 7.00 to like 5.00, and my gymnastics class starts at 5.30. So bassicaly my dad has to rush home and then bring me to gymnastics straight away. If we had a gymnastics club at Reremoana schoo, then I could just walk to gymnastics!

2. Talented gymnasts
O boy yes, I see so many girls every break time doing gymnastics including me! and if I had to say the truth, I would say that there not bad at it!

3. Reremoana school will earn more money
If Reremoana school would have a gymnastics club
lot's of girls would want to go there. The money we earn can be spent on the broken areas of the playgrounds. The thing about gymnastics is that you need safety for it, and that costs money, wich is not that cheap!

4. New friends
You know how I was saying that I see so many girls every break time doing gymnastics (including me) well I don't really know most of them so I would get to know them way beter and even make more friends!

5. Keeping ourselves fit
Yes running does keep you fit but gymnastics does too!
In gymnastics you can make your arms stronger and your legs. 
The awesome thing about gymnastics is that it's lot's of fun and lot's of girls do it!

Fun fact: Did you know that New Zealand has a proud history of developing some of the most talented gymnasts in the world.
Like Nikki Jenkings who won a gold medal for vault in 1990
or Sarah Thompson who won a bronze medal for womans uneven bars in 1994!
These are just 2 of them there are so many other gymnasts from New Zealand that have won medals!

In conclusion I think that besides all those team sports we need an individual sport at our school now!

Ps: Now it's your turn to decide decide carefully.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sky's recount!! National Young Leaders Day 2015

National young leaders day 2015
On the 21st of May, I went to NYLD- National Young Leader’s Day. I am very lucky to be chosen to go and my parents supported me as well.

On the day, We met at school 7:30A.M. in the morning. It is very early for me! We came that early is because we would have a better chance of getting a better view of speaker!

We were very lucky, because we were the first school to arrive at Vodafone Event Centre. As we went inside, we saw the information table which sold the pins and NYLD notebooks. We also got this little notebook for us to take notes when the speakers are talking. Of Course, with a pen. When we were settled, we got sent out to buy either the   pins ($5.00) or the notebook ($10).

We had to wait for a LONG time until it actually started. But just before we started, we had a camera was on us, everyone went crazy! “Here comes the countdown! 3! 2! 1!” Boom! Finally it’s starting.

To begin with, is the main topic for the day: Your amazing journey. First we had a man called William Pike. He is a amazing person who had a very exciting and scary story. It was about climbing a mountain with his friend James. There was a big pond in front of the place where they were living on the mountain. It was filled with water, big rocks mud and other things. One night he was sleeping and the water, mud and everything in the pond was rising higher and higher. Suddenly, DROP! He was stuck right the the back of the camp. The rocks were as big as netball. Just imagine that! His brave friend-James ran all the way from the mountain and found a rescue team. At the time, William’s body temperature was only 25 degrees!! When he came out of the hospital, he had a fake leg. Things have changed for him, but he never gave up his dream of climbing more and more mountain. All Passion, No Limits.

The next one was a daughter and her dad- Riley and Steve. They were the sea life savers, and talked about why we should care more about sea lives. They also made a T.V. show about it called: Young Ocean Explorers. This is used to inspire young children to save the life of sea animals.

There were other speakers to inspire us from their amazing journey. Here are the other speakers that I didn't mention: Rukumoana(A leader of a city), Darryl Sabin, Libby Christophers, Phoenix, Alex & Corban Walls(The block NZ), They all had really amazing stories!!

My opinion of the day was very cool because it was my first time. My favourite person of the day is Darryl Sabin because he is very brave, and he had a brain damage in 2009 anzac day. He did not give up his dream, and he is still recovering. I really wish that I can go back next year.

Be Strong, Follow Your Dreams!!!
By Sky

Danielle's Birthday

"Bye Mum!" I said and waved when she opened the door to the car. I closed the door as soon as I was in their huge house.

Danielle stood up and walked to the kitchen and then grabbed me a little bag filled with things. "Here you go." She said and smiled.


As soon as we had climbed into the car Danielle's mum said "When we get to Westfield I'm going to get you each a $30.00 Westfield Gift Card and Danielle a $35.00 Gift Card."

When we got there, she did so, everyone was excited to spend their $30.00. "Why don't I get $30.00 too?" Natalee, Danielle's sister asked. Danielle answered: "Because it's my birthday."

Natalee rolled her eyes. "Mum, can we go to that place that makes the nicest smoothie's?" Asked Danielle. Her mum nodded. Danielle linked arms with Alana and Cecilia and I linked arms with Cecilia.


When we reached the smoothie place Alana and Danielle went to go wait in line. "$5.00 for a small cup of smoothie!" "No way!" I shaked my head in disbelief. "Agreed" Said Cecilia. "It's very nice" Said Alana taking a sip from the cup. I point to Whitcoulls. "Can we go there?" I asked with an exciting tone in my voice. Danielle looked at her mum and said " Only for a while." I ran towards Whitcoulls and went straight to the book section. Cecilia followed. "There's no good books!" I said and she nodded in agreement. " Lets go look for Alana and Dannie." She said. We walked around for a moment and found Alana looking at this toy that she really liked But costs $25.00. "Should I buy it Dannie?" She said as Danielle walked up to her. "If you want." She answered. Alana picked up the toy and walked to the counter.


"Can we got to the 2 dollar shop?" Asked Cecilia. Danielle nodded and entered the shop, I waited outside as they went to go buy stuff. When they came back Cecilia, Danielle and Alana had matching necklaces but different colours, and Cecilia also had a teddy bear. "Who's hungry?"

"ME!" We all shouted. "Ok, we're going to Denny's."


After we ate lunch Cecilia had to go home so we dropped her off back at The Gardens. On the way back to Danielle's house, Alana took her Nerf Guns out and said "When we get back to Danielle's house we're going to play outside with them." I nodded and said "OK."


Danielle, Alana, Danielle's cousin and I, set off to the park as soon as we got out the car. "I'm coming too!" Natalee said as she ran after us. When we reach the park we pick teams, Alana and Danielle team up and I am left with a boy I barely know, but soon after that, I figured it wouldn't be as bad as I thought because we kept winning.


"Come on I'll walk you back." Said Danielle.


As I get into the car with my grandma I told her we all got given $30.00 and I didn't spend any of it.


Tayla's speech. (Got into finals)

 Why we should stop hunting animals

Don't you think that we have lost enough? We have lost rainforests, most of our natural resources, and now we are going to lose animals! This is my speech on why we should stop animal hunting. My reasons are..

1.  Animals are becoming endangered.

2. The death causes.

3.  It’s profit-driven.

1.  Animals are becoming endangered.

In present day, lots of our animals are become endangered due to hunting and poaching. For those who don’t know what poaching is it’s illegal hunting killing or capturing wild animals. In New Zealand the Moa was hunted to extinction. Now the only place you can find them is in museums and no they are not alive. One of the other animals that was hunted to extinction was the huia. The Huia was said to be a lovely beautiful bird. Now you can also only see them in the museums. If we keep on hunting we will lose more and more of our lovely animals and how upsetting would that be?

2. The death causes.

According to the International Hunter Education Association approximately 1,000 people are accidentally shot each year in the UK and Canada by other hunters thinking that they were animals. Just under 100 of those people die. So not only are we losing our beautiful wildlife, we are hurting and losing humans too!

3. It’s profit-driven.

Have you ever seen mats made out of animal skin or fur, clothing items made from real animal fur or wall decorations with the heads or tusks of animals? This is how hunters make their money. Take alligator hunting for an example.The hunting season lasts 30-37 days, within those days depending on how many alligators they hunt, and the size of the alligators they hunt they could earn a profit of up to $18,900. And that is for the skin alone. There is still a profit that can be made off the alligator meat. Most of the people that hunt go for fun or entertainment. In New Zealand approximately 50,000 people have gun licenses for hunting. The thing is why hunt when you have Countdown or Pak'nsave and even New Word to buy your food at.

In conclusion hunting can lead to serious injuries, extension of species Eg The Huia the Moa and the Haast eagle. It also shows that it is profit-driven which means people do it for money. Well now I think that we should stop hunting animals and start spending more time family or friends. Thank you.  
                    How it's hard being a kid.

OK, do you get how hard it is being a kid? At least I know it's hard being me. Adults sit back and listen to how hard it is being us kids.

1.First of all, us kids have to put up with bullying and sometime adults can’t do anything about it. Sometimes, some kids can be really good at convincing their parents that they have done nothing wrong when they have!

2.Fitness, here it comes, OK us kids wanna get healthy and be fit but I believe us kids have to get fit in a way that does not hurt us. It should be fun and enjoyable like fitness games or sports games that we can play and enjoy with our friends.

3. we get in trouble all the time, sometimes for no reason and we get told to do one thing, then another, then another, then it gets out of control then we get annoyed or upset then we get into trouble again.

4. Now bedtime.. I hate having a certain bedtime. I think we should be able to watch our programs, then we should do the stuff we want to do, then go to bed.

5.who likes test’s? well I have not yet met any child who likes test’s. imagine how cool it would be if we didn't have to do tests.We could spend the time on other things like art or we could have free time. We are just wasting our time on tests when we have already done all that same work in class.

6.Who wishes they could have lots of money? I do, but our parents don't give us money and we are too young for a job. I think we should be able to get a job otherwise we can't buy the things we need and the things we want and if us kids had a job we could donate money instead of our
parents donating the money for us.

7.friends sometimes when you're a kid friends the drama that goes on and when they make you upset and leave you because they found someone else.

Lastly, another reason why it is hard being a kid is having to write this speech and learn it off the top of my head, without any help off the Internet.

Do you adults now understand how hard it is being a kid? and kids, these were just my reasons why it’s hard being a kid. I bet you could come up with many more reasons why it’s hard being you and also you might think it’s not hard being you but there’s at least one reason why it’s  hard being you.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Think Before You Post #2

Here are the slides we made to encourage people to consider carefully what photos they post to the Internet:

Digital Citizenship - Everything you ever need to know about the Tree Octopus!

Today Ms Fothergill shared this url with us about the Tree Octopus, and asked us to take notes, which we recorded on Padlet.

A few of us were a bit dubious about the Tree Octopus, but we did the task anyway - of course we trusted Ms F! Well, not quite all of us... Zach wanted to google it but Ms F stopped him, and Alex managed to search Wikipedia before she had a chance.
What did Alex find? That the Octopus website is a HOAX!
It was created with the purpose of teaching us not to believe everything we read or see on the Internet.
It is always a good idea to visit 3-4 different websites when we are researching, to make sure we get the facts straight!