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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My trip 2 years ago.............

In 2013 I went to London,Spain and Vienna for a four week holiday with my mum and grandma.

We stopped at Korea half way through the fight to London and we all stayed in a hotel. The hotel had a massive garden full of flowers, so I took picturres of every kind. When it reached dinner time we went to an all you can eat buffet where I ate rice, meat and vegetables! For desert I had cake and ice-cream.

The next day we had breakfast, packed out things and went to the airport. At the London airport my aunty and uncle pick us up. We drove for a long time to get to their house. When we finally arrived to their house we... Got the couch bed out and ready, unpacked our important stuff and then we finally got to sleep.

We were at London for a week and we... Went exploring on the London bridge even when it was extremly windy, but it was a good sight. Went to the tower of London, my favorite parts we the crown jewel and the wire animals. It was a very big place with so many rooms!  Then we basically relaxed until we went to Spain for 2 weeks!!!!  
Image result for London bridgeImage result for Tower of london wire animals
At Spain it was very hot so for the first couple of days we were all mainly swimming but the interesting things were... Going to a high mouthing looking down at villages, going shopping and watching flaminco dancers tapping their shoes, swirling their skirts and clicking the castanets.

At Vienna for 3 days... We got lost, we ate and stayed in a hotel until we finally went back to London so we could go home.


  1. That's very nice, except when you get lost.

  2. Awesome! (:])+=. I have never been there before. When you got lost did you miss a plane?

    1. No... We had a day left but we wasted a whole day finding our hotel.

  3. Hello Jess.Sounds fun I hope your trip went well.Did you hold something you can't hold in NZ over there :)?
    Bye Zac in your class.