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Sunday, 14 June 2015

                    How it's hard being a kid.

OK, do you get how hard it is being a kid? At least I know it's hard being me. Adults sit back and listen to how hard it is being us kids.

1.First of all, us kids have to put up with bullying and sometime adults can’t do anything about it. Sometimes, some kids can be really good at convincing their parents that they have done nothing wrong when they have!

2.Fitness, here it comes, OK us kids wanna get healthy and be fit but I believe us kids have to get fit in a way that does not hurt us. It should be fun and enjoyable like fitness games or sports games that we can play and enjoy with our friends.

3. we get in trouble all the time, sometimes for no reason and we get told to do one thing, then another, then another, then it gets out of control then we get annoyed or upset then we get into trouble again.

4. Now bedtime.. I hate having a certain bedtime. I think we should be able to watch our programs, then we should do the stuff we want to do, then go to bed.

5.who likes test’s? well I have not yet met any child who likes test’s. imagine how cool it would be if we didn't have to do tests.We could spend the time on other things like art or we could have free time. We are just wasting our time on tests when we have already done all that same work in class.

6.Who wishes they could have lots of money? I do, but our parents don't give us money and we are too young for a job. I think we should be able to get a job otherwise we can't buy the things we need and the things we want and if us kids had a job we could donate money instead of our
parents donating the money for us.

7.friends sometimes when you're a kid friends the drama that goes on and when they make you upset and leave you because they found someone else.

Lastly, another reason why it is hard being a kid is having to write this speech and learn it off the top of my head, without any help off the Internet.

Do you adults now understand how hard it is being a kid? and kids, these were just my reasons why it’s hard being a kid. I bet you could come up with many more reasons why it’s hard being you and also you might think it’s not hard being you but there’s at least one reason why it’s  hard being you.

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