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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Silly Stories

  My Silly Stories

The Girl Who Turned Purple

There once was a girl named Violetta who NEVER EVER ate Egg Plants. She always said ‘EWW, it’s purple!’ As purple is her least favourite color. Then one day she woke up and was excited about going to school to show everybody the new hairstyle she got over the holidays. But when she went to the bathroom to brush her hair, she gave an ear-splitting shriek. Her parents come running towards the bathroom, curious why their daughter is screaming. ‘Oh my…’ Violetta’s surprised mum says. Violetta’s body has turned purple and her hair has fallen out. What next… Violetta thought, a mustache? Then instantly she grew a mustache. Violetta, speechless, just stands there muttering to herself. Her dad, Mr Martez, goes to get his shaver and after shave and hands it to his daughter not knowing what to do. While her mum is actually helping by ringing the school and telling them Violetta is very sick, Violetta is trying to shave her mustache. Then a knocking sound appeared from the front of the house, and Mr Martez is instantly walking away from his awful looking daughter, hoping his boss was there to give him a lift to work. But it was just a strange looking woman with a broom. She pushes past Mr Martez and walks to the bathroom where Violetta is. ‘Hello, I’m the witch from next door.’ She says curtsying. ‘I see… Mhmm… Ahhh. I see, you have a bad case of noteatingacertainfood disease. But no need to worry all you need to do is eat an Egg Plant. You’ll grow your hair back and not be so... purple.
So from that day on, Violetta always ate Egg Plants. Her hair grew back and she wasn’t purple anymore.
The Boy Who Never Stopped Talking
There once was a boy named Tom, he didn’t have any friend’s. He always wondered why, he never talked, so he thought that was the problem. One day he had a smart idea, except it wasn’t that smart, he decided to never stop talking. And he kept to the idea. Even when he still had no friends, even though people started bullying him, even though he got into trouble by all the teacher’s in the school. His mum and dad have tried helping him, but he wouldn’t listen. One rainy day, he was trying to watch T.V but he couldn’t hear a thing since his parents were talking the whole way through. He tried watching T.V in his room, but he could still hear them talking. “STOP TALKING!” He tried to say, but this time his parents weren’t listening. After a while he noticed this is how his parents always feel. So Tom decided to speak but not too much.
From that day onwards he ALWAYS had friends, he wasn't to quite, and he wasn't to loud...
The Cat Who Was Afraid Of Spiders
There once was a cat name Will, he wasn’t afraid of anything. While everyone was asleep, he decided to go venture around his neighbourhood, he went around to his friends place to ask if he also wanted to go adventuring. But when he got to the cat’s backyard, he saw a spider. Will, who isn’t afraid of anything, is afraid of spiders. Will slowly turns around not wanting to be noticed by the hideous looking spider. ‘Hey!’ The spider calls, and Will, who was creeping slowly, is now sprinting towards the gate if the house. When he is safe in his house, knowing the spider isn’t there, another spider says ‘Hi!’ and Will is sprinting for his life down the road. Then his friend Bertie comes around the corner laughing his cat head off because of some joke. ‘Will, the cat who wasn’t afraid of something is afraid of something. HAHAHA!’
By Lelani




Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Rocket Writing

I have seen everything you would want to see Trolls, Mermaids, Giants and many more. I have seen EVERYTHING other than... Fairies. Well, I’m about to see my destiny: Fairy Mansion.

I’m walking across the rickety bridge that wobbles as I walk, each step get’s me closer and closer. I reach forward to touch the hanging vines covering the entrance. I open it to see the most magnificent thing I have ever seen, tree branches covered in teeny-tiny houses, pink,purple and yellow lamp’s making me cover my eyes with my hands, fairies zooming past me not noticing a giant (to them) is standing right in the middle of their Mansion. Finally, someone notices me, he holds up his tiny hand and blows his microscopic whistle and everybody stops what they’re doing and starts to panic as the tiny fairy figure tells them what to do. Everybody runs into their little bungalows, and the little man with his tiny hands sitting on his hips, and his silky brown hair that nicely rests on his shoulders and big crystal-like blue eyes that glitter with fear and his freckled cheeks that make his eyes look amazing, his tiny mouth, a dark red color, he wears a leafy green colored shirt with brown revolting trousers and miniature purple shoes, looks furious.

He flies up to me making an awful noise as his wings flutter. He comes really close to my face and tells me his name: “Mallow Rigidus, and you HAVE to leave, we are already endangered in many MANY places. People have found us fellow human! So please oh please leave.” That outraged me. People KILL fairies, how could they! “I can help you.” I say with confidence. “I have helped many fantasy creatures in need, I COULD help you.” I say. He takes his microscopic whistle again and blows it, every fairy comes out trembling with fear. “Fellow fairies! This human here has offered to help us since we’re in need!”. Every fairy cheered, or at least I think they did. Some disapproved and started throwing things at tiny Mallow. “STOP!.” I ordered. “My name is Charlotte Johnson, and I am here to HELP you!” They all stopped throwing things at Mallow and stared up at me their eyes gleaming with hope. Silence struck the Mansion for a second, then they all cheered, their voices filled with faith, not only in me, but in them too.

To Be Continued...

Scary Story

The truth

Not the girl in the mirror

Not the girl in the mirror

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Narrative writing- Where's the end of the bridge......

Where’s the end of the bridge
I am standing at the edge of an unending bridge. It is mysterious and scary. I can hear growling wolves, and the owls hooting. Suddenly everything starts to move. The bridge was flying slowly towards the mysterious forest, and the animals were coming closer and closer to me. The wolf family are sprinting at top speed towards me, it really felt like they are so hungry that they haven’t ate for ages. The tigers are also sprinting hungrily at me with a watering mouth hungry for blood. I feel like I was going to die.

But then I can feel myself being picked up by a humongous pair of hands. It felt weird and it was like lying on clouds. In a minute I am falling and falling and falling. Faster and faster. Way more faster than I thought and much more faster than my little legs can carry me. It was scary. A lot of other things could have happen to me if that pair of hands didn’t appear.

I found myself sitting in the bottom the the bunny hole. It had a very small door. maybe even smaller than a doll house! “I was too big for that!” I thought. I saw a bottle with unfamiliar liquid inside. It said “drink me!” So I did so. But suddenly I was flying. I found myself walking up the magical stairs that leads to another place. Everything was golden yellow and white. I walked through the door. “Boom!” What happened?! I don’t know. I am lying on the clouds floating. What can happen next? 

Where's is the end of this mysterious path......

If you want to read it again, go to this link -> special edition
for slide show.

Sky Wu

Friday, 4 September 2015


All About Bananas!

    On earth lived a lovely lady called Miss Cherry. She had a goal that she wanted to achieve. She wanted to discover the space. And this is how her dream came. She always looks up in the sky every night. One night when she looked out of her window, she suddenly saw a hammock looking planet surrounded by stars. It was yellow all over. It felt like little yellow spots were jumping all over it.

    “To be able to achieve that goal, I need to know saftey things and know about the planet,” she said to herself. She was lucky enough to see a old discovery channel that’s about Planet Banana(the hammock looking planet she saw the other day)! Before that she of course knew nothing about it. But the only creature she knew about bananas are Minions! She’s been doing a lot of studying about the Minions. After 3 months, she was dieing to go to Planet Banana. She decided to wear a bright golden minion suit P.J. and a yellow beanie. She soon took every thing and shoved it into her ‘rocket’ (the rocket is specially made by a scientist for her) and off she went boosting into the air. Soon disappeared in the dark blue sky.

    After 2 weeks in the rocket( she was still studying), she finally arrived. She was so surprised and happy that there are minions everywhere! Suddenly it felt like the time has stopped. The shining bright eyes were glowing with excitement. “Yeah, Ya!” Cried the minions all together. They were so happy that a ‘leader’ (as they would call her) came to Planet Banana. The minions were singing, dancing and even throw Miss Cherry up high in the sky. “No, stop. What’s happening to me!”Miss Cherry was so scared. They did whatever they can do to celebrate.

Planet Banana is a planet full of bananas. The banana on earth are from planet banana. The planet is also known as a “bomb”. Why? Because every year when the planet is “rotten”(it’s because the planet is a huge banana), it will explode into pieces. Which is the snow, hail and rain on earth. But every year’s explosion is on different days. So the minions would have no idea when it’s the explosion. So that is why when you see them every year before the explosion, they will be wearing big, fat puffy airbags around them just in case they will fall.

Exactly 2 weeks after Miss Cherry arrived, the planet will explode. When she saw the “minivision”- the news, she noticed that there will be an explosion(it was discovered by scientists which is good) in 3 days. So she did everything she could help and took out every emergency use things from her bag to use. But it was all not very useful. So she decided to take most of the minions in the her spaceship and bring them on earth in her house. But it may be pretty squashy. I wouldn’t like it very much, would you? It’s going to be really hard to get them all down on earth in three days. So she did something smart! She thought it would’ve been smart to tell the scientists to make more spaceships for faster travelling. And so she did. She taught the minions how to drive a spaceship. The minions learnt so fast with their magic hat that teaches their mind to do something. It was unbelievably fast! So Bob, Stuart, Kevin and Jerry went back to Planet banana and picked up the rest of the minions!

Oh no! 10, 9, 8......It’s going to explode! It’s going to be ruined!! Where is Bob? He came rushing with his mates just in time! Boom! Yay! Everyone was safe at last.

The minions loved earth so they stayed with Miss Cherry for the rest of their lives.