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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Narrative writing- Where's the end of the bridge......

Where’s the end of the bridge
I am standing at the edge of an unending bridge. It is mysterious and scary. I can hear growling wolves, and the owls hooting. Suddenly everything starts to move. The bridge was flying slowly towards the mysterious forest, and the animals were coming closer and closer to me. The wolf family are sprinting at top speed towards me, it really felt like they are so hungry that they haven’t ate for ages. The tigers are also sprinting hungrily at me with a watering mouth hungry for blood. I feel like I was going to die.

But then I can feel myself being picked up by a humongous pair of hands. It felt weird and it was like lying on clouds. In a minute I am falling and falling and falling. Faster and faster. Way more faster than I thought and much more faster than my little legs can carry me. It was scary. A lot of other things could have happen to me if that pair of hands didn’t appear.

I found myself sitting in the bottom the the bunny hole. It had a very small door. maybe even smaller than a doll house! “I was too big for that!” I thought. I saw a bottle with unfamiliar liquid inside. It said “drink me!” So I did so. But suddenly I was flying. I found myself walking up the magical stairs that leads to another place. Everything was golden yellow and white. I walked through the door. “Boom!” What happened?! I don’t know. I am lying on the clouds floating. What can happen next? 

Where's is the end of this mysterious path......

If you want to read it again, go to this link -> special edition
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Sky Wu

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