PB4L ( Postive behaviour for learning)

Friday, 4 December 2015

On Friday morning, as I got out of the bus and started waddling alongside a fellow student, the nerves hit me quite hard. It quickly subsided as soon as I stepped inside Massey Park, everything looked the same as it looked last athletics day.
The first event we did was 1500m, I was excited for I thought I could do it without my ankle hurting,  but of course I was wrong. On my third lap I stopped because it hurt too much. The placings were: Hayley.C first, Samantha.R second, and Hannah. S third.
Next we did long jump which I didn’t do because I had to rest my ankle for the other events, but I wouldn’t of gotten a placing for it in any case. I enjoyed observing the competitive students trying to get to first place. Everyone did great but only 3 people got placings which was: Johanri, first Emma-lee, second and Hayley. C, third. They all did an amazing job.
We had a lunch break afterwards and everyone was pumped for the next event, Discus.
Discus was fun but nerve-racking. Again people did great. Some even discovered that they can throw very far. I came first, Johanri came second and Hayley.C came third.
Straight afterwards we did 200m. I didn’t think I would do good because of my ankle, but I surprised myself. It was a good race, Johanri came first, Emma-lee came second and Lelani (me) came third.
We had another lunch break which seemed like forever since I REALLY BADLY WANTED TO DO HIGH JUMP.
Shot put was AMAZING!  I came first, Adah came second and two people came third Crosbie and Hayley.B. Adah and I were really close we were so nervous about who won, but we were both very supportive towards each other.
Right afterwards we had high jump. I came first Hayley.C second and Jodie third. I broke the record by 6 cm, 1.25. I was the last person jumping for a very long time, it was scary when I didn’t make it, but there were always people cheering me on which made a big difference.
After high jump I found out my dad was there watching me with my sisters and grandma.
Finally the last event for 11 year olds 100m. Johanri came first, I came second and Emma-lee came third.
Then came the most exciting event, RELAY!!! I’m in Totara (Green,) which came second in the girls relay. Rimu came first Kauri came third and Kowhai came fourth. I started Totara off which for me was a big deal since I was against Johanri, I passed it onto Katie who passed to Brooke who passed it to Theane who did a great finish.
The boys relay for Totara wasn’t as good as the girls. They came last which isn’t quite good but they did try their hardest at catching up when they dropped the baton.

I was very proud of myself at the end of the day. Mostly because I got a place in everything other than 1500 and long jump. I came first in 3 things which meant I got $15.00 from my grandma.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Athletics day

Finally we got off the bus and started walking to the entry gate of Massey Park grounds as I walk up to the stand to sit down with the 11 year old boys. The starter gun went off, we also  waited for our first event the 1500.

Finally it was the 11 year old boys race the 1500 “BANG!!”. I say to myself it’s the last lap of the 1500 the bell went off “ring, ring, ring” then it was the last 100m I started to sprint to the finish line. “Yah” 3rd place.

Then our second event was Long jump and after Logan jumped it was my turn to jump. and my first score was 2.99 and my next jump was 3.18 And on my last jump my score of went down to 3.12.

So then we went back to the stand and cheered and  watched other people do the track and field events then it wasn't long until it was time to do are thrid event .

It was time for us to do 200m Sprint so Lynn patterson split us up into 2 Groups of 8 to race in and my group was first up for the 200m and I came 2 second in my group but there were faster times than mine and I didn’t get a placing in the 200m sprint.

After are 200m it was time to do discus for my first throw I got 2.98 but I didn’t make it into the top 10 so I sat down and I watched others that made it in do their throws.

Then after that it was time for us to go back to the stand and drink water, eat and relax and get ready for my next event which is high jump which I had skipped because I always hurt my back when i do it.

Then after that it was time for 100m sprint and Mr Fourie split us up into 2 groups of 8 and with my group I came first but yet again there were way faster times than my one so I didn’t get a placing. But I was really excited for my last event which  was kauri relay boys team which was Griffin, Owen, Xander and Bradley and we came first place out of the house’s YAH!!.

I was very happy with my results because I got a 3rd place ribbon for 1500 and a 1st place ribbon for the Kauri boys relay and last year I got no ribbons so I feel really proud of myself.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athletics Recount - Lewis

We nervously hopped off the Murphy’s bus. We ecnolourged the cloudless sky and what was soon thought to be a blistering temperature.

The students swarmed in and sat in their assigned seats.

My first event was highjump, just watching the other pupils was bad enough! It was my turn I ran my fastest and attempted to jump the bar, I didn’t get a placing but oh well at least I tried.

Event two was our 200m sprint, I was anxious waiting for the starting gun to go off. BANG. Off I ran, it wasn’t long till I was coming last. I ran my hardest tried my hardest and well yeah just what I said.
We crossed the finish line, finally the embarrassment was over.

We had a 1 hour break I chilled with my friends and cheered on the other participants.
I still can’t believe how nice the weather is!

Before I knew it ‘’Year 7 Boys Discus Go To Your Station’’ was spoken via the loudspeaker.
At school we were rehearsing discus throws, and I nearly hit somebody with a Discus, now I’m just planning how I’m going to safely throw the discus without causing any injuries. Back forward back forward throw, I integrated into myself.

Shotput - It was obvious that I was worried all I could think was this is nearly over. Everybody’s staring at me, I am trying to fit in, Back Forward THROW. I think this is my best event so far.

With Longjump, I kept jumping to early but did my best.

I might have not succeeded in any events but it was still an enjoyable day.