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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athletics Recount - Lewis

We nervously hopped off the Murphy’s bus. We ecnolourged the cloudless sky and what was soon thought to be a blistering temperature.

The students swarmed in and sat in their assigned seats.

My first event was highjump, just watching the other pupils was bad enough! It was my turn I ran my fastest and attempted to jump the bar, I didn’t get a placing but oh well at least I tried.

Event two was our 200m sprint, I was anxious waiting for the starting gun to go off. BANG. Off I ran, it wasn’t long till I was coming last. I ran my hardest tried my hardest and well yeah just what I said.
We crossed the finish line, finally the embarrassment was over.

We had a 1 hour break I chilled with my friends and cheered on the other participants.
I still can’t believe how nice the weather is!

Before I knew it ‘’Year 7 Boys Discus Go To Your Station’’ was spoken via the loudspeaker.
At school we were rehearsing discus throws, and I nearly hit somebody with a Discus, now I’m just planning how I’m going to safely throw the discus without causing any injuries. Back forward back forward throw, I integrated into myself.

Shotput - It was obvious that I was worried all I could think was this is nearly over. Everybody’s staring at me, I am trying to fit in, Back Forward THROW. I think this is my best event so far.

With Longjump, I kept jumping to early but did my best.

I might have not succeeded in any events but it was still an enjoyable day.

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