PB4L ( Postive behaviour for learning)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

  • Compose a story ( recount ) about an event using full stops,capital letters,commas and speech marks.
  • I am going to make sure that my simple story has descriptive detail.            
A Moment In Time  
As I sit here I see the waves high and crashing into the rocks. In the distance I can see the yellow rising sun reflecting onto the water, kissing the horizon.
I can feel the sharp jagged rocks going into my pants as I sit here. I can feel the sand squishing through my toes as I walk  across the sandy rocks.  I  feel the sea spray going onto my face as I sit on the rocks. I  smell the soggy, salty seaweed.  This rotten seaweed is getting washed up onto the rocks as the waves come in.  I can hear the seaweed popping as the enormous  waves go over them.
I can taste the sea spray that has been caked on my face and I can taste the salty water.
I can hear the seagulls flapping their wings as they fly out to the rising sun. “I wish that I could come more often”.      

By Xander Shepherd

Jessica holiday blog post

Rainbows End
In the holidays, I went to rainbows end with my friend Ella.First of all we went on the pirate ship, a lady behind us was screaming and laughing.After that we went on the gold rush, I was in the back and halfway through I scared her and she screamed.She made me go on the log flume with her, I got shivers from the elves and song

Lily's Holiday Blog Post at whitianga

for the Christmas holidays our family went to Whitianga. My granddad, grandma, my 2 aunt's, sister, and brother,all came to stay the night on Christmas eve so we could open the presents bright and early:)

On Christmas morning we all woke up at 10:00 A CLOCK was so annoyed! Any way for Christmas i got a eftpos card and some rings and some earrings. I got my mum a nickels that says number one mum on it.Image result for number one mom necklace

Two days after Christmas my family and I went shopping 1st we went to chances (a surf shop) 2nd we went to my second favourite shop at Whitianga Sunny's its just like a two dollar shop but better.

Image result for whitianga buffalo beachWhitianga is a great place to get the family together and it is well known for its Beach's!  If you don't like cold water go to hot water beach just outside of Whitianga you can dig  a hole and boom hot water! http://www.thecoromandel.com/newzealand/Hot-Water-Beach/       

Johanri - south Island blog post

Majestic mountains, crystal blue water, and a castles the amazing south island! A place where every new Zealand er as to see, I will persuade you Why you should go to the south island using the following reasons,

1. To see the only castle In new Zealand

2. To see the amazing Timaru

3. To see the amazing Nelson

First of all to see the only castle in New Zealand it is called Larnach castle

The castle itself is Brown and White with a beautiful garden with a mini pound in the middle . It also has a beautiful view with lots of trees and ponds.

Secondly to see the amazing Timaru, Timaru is a great place, Every night mini penguins they are very cute. There are also two timaru pools,the one that we went to had 3 slides and 6 pools and 1 diving board and 1 bomb board. I went in everything.The thing that enjoyed the most was jumping and bomb board because you land in a four and a half metre deep pool.There is also a fun park with an egg building next to it but it is purple and white.( It is very cool)

that was huge.They also have really cool beaches. There is also A place called golden bay. The sand is actually gold. They also have a salt water pool.
Third of all to see the one and only Nelson. Nelson has 2 fun parks, we went to of of them. I went on the bumper boats, the water slide and just a normal slid

In conclusion I hope I have persuaded you to go to 1. the only castle in New Zealand 2. to see the amazing tiamru 3. to see the one and only nelson.that was huge.They also have really cool beaches. There is also A place called golden bay. The sand is actually gold. They also have a salt water pool. But those are not the only fabulous places. I think me and my family had the best holiday ever.

Mikhils Holiday Blog Post

Hi my name is Mikhil i've been to formula e go karting  at 36 Ascot road and I'm going to tell you about you about my experience and my opinion. As I arrived I saw a huge building but incredibly small sign, you could easily get fooled into thinking its a factory . 
this image is from : http://www.formulae.co.nz/

When I got inside I could smell the burning rubber from the racers in the race track. Right next to the track was a small counter with computers facing outwards me and family approached  the desk and asked what we do to start raceging she said enter your details In the two computers me and my buddy eagerly enter our details and sat at the stand.
this image is from : http://www.formulae.co.nz/

 After two minutes a instructor came and told us the important instructions. As we we got inside the karts, we clearly saw the figures that we saw from outside the track, it was a dummy pretending to drive a bath tub! .
this image is from: http://www.formulae.co.nz/

As I push the pedal the kart moved faster than I expected, as I started to gain confidence the kart went faster and faster until I span out and crashed finally It was time to have a break.

As I pulled of my helmet the heat the heat from the helmet came out I walked over to the stand my legs ached because of the pedal work I had to do! .
this image is from : http://www.formulae.co.nz/

But driving at high speed was fun especially with the special track. I got my energy back and I was eager for some for more! but we still had time to spare so we decided to play at the arcade. we played air hockey, I obviously lost. It was finally time to beat my buddy.

I walked over to the chain and crossed it and equipped myself with kart gear. As I climbed I was pumped, ready to burn rubber, my eyes were focused on the track. the turns I slowed down which really helped, but still managed to spin out.
I really had a lot of fun and I admit it was awesome 
but you should really try it you'll enjoy it!.
click here to visit website -----> : )
this image is from : http://www.formulae.co.nz/

Fiona's holiday blog post

On boxing day my dad,my step mum,my cousin,my uncle,my aunt,my friends and I .we went camping at  lake   Rerewhakaaitu  for 8 days when we got there we set up our tent and put our mac boat in the lake. when it was night time my friends and i went for a bike ride around the place its so cool!!! at night the bright Cristal stars are out. Today Georgia and I went for a swim in the lake we went on my friends dount then when i hopped in the dount the whole thing flipped OVER!!! we fall in the water. Then we looked up and my cousin Kaylee arrived with her dad and her AWESOME!!! boat after they got set up Kaylee came into the water with us then when it was dinner time we had to hop out of the water.

2 days later it was new years that morning my grandad and grandma came to visit us at the  lake. Then all the kids went out on the biscuit Kaylee and I spun around corners it was a bit hard to hold on when we were spinning then we decided to go for a swim so when we were nearly at our camp space we slided off the biscuit the water is so refreshing. When it was late at night the kids and adults were having fun we were singing and dancing to freaks it was a beautiful night then we got a bit tired so we went off to bed. I woke to the voice of Kaylee asking if I wanted to stay the night in her tent I said YES!!! so then me and Kaylee moved my stuff into her little tent when it was time to go to bed we played on my phone it was a really cool sleepover. He next morning we woke up early so we could go fishing when we got out there it was so hot and sunny it  was so amazing. 

My Destination

Lake Rerewhakaaitu - My Destination Rotorua

2 days later we ask our friend Georgia if she wants to have a sleep over with us she said yes so we got all her stuff and put them in Kaylee's tent we watched a movie in the tent around 8:30 at night we ate lots of junk  food. It was a beautiful morning the water was so cool but sadly we had to go. 

Adahs trip to Australia

Australia is such a magnificent place, I would love to go there again, so many places to go, new things to try and different people to meet! There is so much to talk about… I went shopping, to water parks, to the city, I saw kangaroos on the road, koalas in trees and so much more!! Is was spectacular. I tried new food and let me tell you it was unique, no matter what there was always a kind face to guide you through somewhere if you were lost, It was so much fun!!

I went to the mall and went inside these shops...Converse, Smiggle, Target and Kmart. I got new Converse shoes, an Ipad, new clothes, new shoes and lego. I got to see my auntie and some of my cousins that I never knew I had. Australia is so beautiful  but the only thing about it is that it is way to HOT!! For the last week and a half my dad dropped the rest of my family off to my uncles house in Sydney and my dad lives in Brisbane so we had to sit in the car for 10 hours!! Once we got there, we went straight to the bed and slept for hours and hours, I couldn't believe that we were in Brisbane than the next thing you know, we were in Sydney. 

Vivid Sydney Opera Sails I would see kangaroos everywhere , so many adorable koalas in trees, cockatoos flying all around the sky along side bats. Everywhere I went, there were kind faces and breath-taking sights with nothing but beautiful views. While we were in Sydney we got to see the Sydney Opera House and it was one of the most greatest sights I have ever seen. Every minute was never wasted and you would have never wanted anything more. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!


Zachs holiday blog post


      During the holidays you should go to Auckland. When my family went there we went on a relaxing cruise, we saw blue bottles and also you get cake there.  You can also stand on the roof because it is a deck. 






      We also went to rainbows end for thrills and chills. For thrills ideal rides would be Fear fall, stratosphere, invader and power surge. For chills ideal rides would be gold mine, log flume and bumper boats.
Happy holidays!


Roller coaster 
In the holidays  I went to Rainbow's End for my Mum's work It was really fun. First we had some pizza for dinner and then we had cake for desert,First we went on the log flew Quinn was a bit scared that he would fall out but at the end he was crying because he wanted to go back on the ride. me and josh went to go on the roller coaster,But when we went on I was as stoke as stone not caring that we went upside down.Then we got to go on the log flew and gold mine and at the gold mine it jerked  then stopped!Then we had to go to the kidz kingdom for my little brothers.        


Tayla's holiday blog post

Hi my name is Tayla and in the holidays I went to Whangamata. By the way Whangamata is the best holiday place to stay in New Zealand. It is the BEST place to holiday because it has lots of parks and beaches for kids to play and swim.
It is also the best place because they have the best shops. They have clothes shops,bakeries,and lots of fruit ice-cream.By the way they have the best fruit ice-cream.
One of my best memerys is when I went to the beach and they were giving away free ice-cream so we got one each.We started eating them but when we started eating them my one fell on the sand.
We went back to the shop and asked if we could have a anthoer one but they said no and that we have to pay for it.So we went to the shopping mall to get another ice-cream from a real ice-cream shop.When we got there we told them we told them the story about the ice-cream falling on the ground and they gave me a FREE ONE!

One Big Day

WALT: Compose a story (recount) about
an event,using full stops,capital letters
commas,speech marks.

One hot, sunny day, I went to my cousins house. We were having so much fun playing outside.
My little cousin came outside and annoyed us so we told her go away! She says “no!”. So she asked to play. We said “yes ,” because she had no-one to play with. As we played she keeps annoying us like always.
We played in the play house and ran around and  then we played with some water and wet each other. It looked like we didn't make it to the bathroom haha. Me and Emily wet my cousin Grace. She cried “boho waa,” says Grace. We laughed as she runs inside. Me and Emily carry on playing, laughing and having fun. Then my cousin starts tickling me. I say “stop,”but she carries on. Then I burp and Emily stops tickling me. We laughed about my burp because it sounded like this (errrrrrrrrrrrrpa).
The next thing my grumpy uncle comes out. “Aaa,” I think we're in trouble, but he just brought us watermelon.It tasted really yummy.  We finished eating and  we played some more. “Emily! hahah” “stop hahah!! stop, tickling me”.
“We are all dry Claire, but you're still wet,” say’s Emily. “Hmmm, maybe I spilt watermelon juice on me.” “Ummm, no thats not watermelon juice.” “Ummm, ok, it’s pee.” “You wet your pants because you were tickling me.” “Sorry, but your going to have to wear a pair of my pants that are too small.

Sky tower

                                      Sky tower experience

I didn't do much in the holidays, but one of my favourite things was going to the Sky Tower. We were going to go to the boat Museum but when we found out that the sky tower was right around the corner we just HAD to go! 

As we entered the under ground parking area we got confused because there was so many elevators and we didn't know what one to choose, but we got there eventually! When we got to the top it was like a big maze, we found out the family combo, which was $80 for my family because we are a family of six but my sisters are under five which means they are free! It might sound like a lot, but it was worth the money :D

When we reached the first elevator it was very crowded, my ears felt like they were melting. Finally we got to the middle floor. The first thing my sisters and I did was go up to the window and stare out for 10 minutes, it felt like you were going to fall out.

Then we had to go.

For more info go to:

Irza, holiday blog post

Last year for the summer holidays me and my family went to Australia. We went to Sydney for a few days, and then to Tasmania for the rest of our holiday in Australia, wich was about 3 weeks.

In Sydney we went to diffrent places. 

Like, China town, Bondi beach, and the Bondi beach  Opera house. 
There was a starbucks in sydney, and of cource if you know me, I had to beg my mom to go to starbucks, luckely she said yes .
Tasmania was verry nice too. 
I got to see so many beautiful places, and a lot of history too!
I hiked,swimmed, and explored.
Australia is such a nice place to go on a holiday for. I wish we could have been to many more places,but I will save that for the next time I go to Australia. Because I know for sure that I'm going back to Australia to explore more, and more.
My favourite part of my holiday in Australia was that I got to see new things and learn more about the Australian history.

Haylee Holiday Blog Post

I went to whakatane Morensville and Hamilton in the holidays. In   Coast Lands.  My cousin dunked me with a big bucket of water it was really a hot day.I have a pillow pet from whakatane. my cousin was having a fun time, he liked to go to the beach, my cousin is 13. my uncle got his dirt bike out it is Red  and it is turbo.http://www.whakatane.com/

 I had a ride on  the bike. It was so fun i had a go in the 2 meter pool it was so deep i touched the bottom and i had my cousin in my way so i had to swim to the top it was so fun i enjoyed my self so i had a fun time then when we were coming back we went to Mc Donald's.

Image result for hamilton poolsImage result for ohope beach whakatane playground                                                           

We all so went to  the hamilton gardens they had a playground the play ground had so many things we went to see the animals there were dogs and cats and we went to the pools in the middle of hamilton and i had a bugger.  and a soda it had a good brezze and then we came home and went to bed and then went to sleep.http://www.hamiltonpools.co.nz/ .

Kushi's Holiday Blog Post

                                                                             Mission Bay    

During the Christmas holiday I drove to the wonderful Mission Bay Beach which is at Tamaki Drive. The purpose for the journey was to relax,chill out and swim.It wasn't quiet a fabulous sunny day, it was 19-21 degrees. In our van there was my dad, my mum, my brother and I. My auntie,my cousin,my sister in law and their baby came along with us in a separate car.It was amazing driving to Mission Bay Beach because on the road you get to see people riding kayaks, playing volleyball and swimming.
This picture is from http://www.virtualoceania.net/newzealand/photos/coast/auckland/nz1058.shtml

My 3 favorite activities that we did were play kicks, play on the playground and eat. I played kicks with my brother, cousin, sister in law and their baby. We stood in a triangle shape near the tree area and kicked the ball to each other. I am terrible at kicking. It was fun because Mission Bay Beach has a large sand area to play sports.

My second favorite activity was playing in the playground. I love the little playground at Mission Bay because there are a lot swings!!! I grew up being totally in love with swings. Next to the playground is also the fountain. It is nice to play on the playground and gaze at the beautiful fountain. The fountain is one of the most gorgeous things at Mission Bay.
This image is from http://www.missionbay.co.nz/things-to-do/

My last favorite activity was eating!!! My mum, my aunt and my sister in law walked to a cafe and they bought coffee for them selves and hot chocolate for me. My sister in law went to buy Oporto's  for her baby. Oporto's is so yum at Mission Bay Beach!!! I was begging my mum for ice cream so she bought me some. Mission Bay Beach has a wonderful cafe near the fountain. My family could smell the delicious food from that cafe. "Oohh yum".

When we were all finished we packed all of our equipment away in the cars. I had an awesome time. I didn't really want to go home. Mission Bay Beach is the best beach I have ever been to.

My Holiday


Source: www.flickrhivemind.net

                                                                              My Holiday

During the holidays I visited Napier. Napier is a magnificent place. I visited Napier with my marvelous sister(Tina) and my very tired dad, my father was tired because he had to drive for 5 hours so we could get to Napier. While we were in Napier we stayed at my uncle's house.The first thing Tina and I did while we were there was kayaking and we swam in the clear, gorgeous  lagoon which was in the beautiful hawkes bay. 
Source: www.event.nzherald.co.nz

The next day we climbed up Dolbel and climbed up Bluff hill because it is our tradition. FACT:Bluff hill is the second biggest hill in all of Napier and Dolbel is the second biggest. After we did climbing Tina and I played on my uncle's swing that was in his back yard while our dad had a chat my aunts and uncles friends. Unfortunately, the next day we had to leave but I am looking forward to the next time we visit the sublime Napier.

Logan's blog post

this image is from : http://www.tripadvisor.co.nz/Attraction_Review-g1759932-d4014669-Reviews-Speers_Point_Park-Speers_Point_Lake_Macquarie_Greater_Newcastle_New_South_Wales.html

In the holidays, I went to Australia to visit my family again. I stayed there for 4 weeks and a half, in Australia Joel and I went to spears point park. As we arrived at speers point park. Joel and I went on the massive slide first that was as tall as a T-Rex. I had stop every second because of my shorts, and I would have to push my self. Sometimes when its hot it burns me really bad. Next Joel and I went on the flying fox, I standard  on tee bar and Joel pushed me very hard and I fell at the end. I had felt like I had broken my back, Joel laugh at me and I had walked to Nan for ice-cream.
this image is from : https://www.flickr.com/photos/dannyboy-rb/9459040612/

I called Joel for ice-cream, but the shop close at 3.00 and I was very sad then I see a Mr ice-cream truck. Joel and I got double cones, Joel ice-cream melted on his t-shirt and it was sticky. Nan got single chocolate, Joel got double sprinkles and I got double flakes. We went back to Nan's house. At Nan's Joel and I each had some delicious watermelon and Joel went back home at 5.30, then I played on my Chromebook what I got for Christmas from Santa, and play happy wheels.Happy wheels is a game that you ride a bike and try not to get killed like, not getting blow to bits, not missing body parts, not getting shot or not getting stabbed.

Ice Town -Shanghai,

Welcome to...... Ice Town!

On Sunday, after a nice lunch with my family, my mum, dad, brother and I went to
                 Ice town!
The amazing maze!
(The sign of ice town, on the left)

As I went inside, I told my mum"Um, it's not as cold as I saw on the T.V! It said on the T.V. that it was minus seven degrees!" But as I went in to the first play thing- The Maze! It was super cold, because it was a maze made of ice. Very thick ice around you! But it was really cool.

Picture of me going down the ice slide.
Whoa! Everything was made of very thick ice. The first thing I went on was the ice slides! I was so scared to go on the big one, because it has a piece of curved ice at the end. So I thought that I might 'FLY' out. When I first went on the small slide, I was a bit scared that I might go too fast because it's really slippery.

Picture of me having fun on bike riding!

Then after that, I went on the ice biking which is biking on ice. The bike has a blade on each side of it, but still a bit slippery. I did it with my mum for the first lap. Then the next three laps I did it by myself. For this one, we had to pay extra $6 for five mins. Which is really sad.  :-(  It was really hard to start the bike even though it has two blades beside the bike. I really enjoyed it! Really much!

There wasn't only all the playing places, but lots of really cool ice sculptures as well. Such as bridges, Eiffel Tower, big gate, etc.
              Here are some awesome photos!

               Cool pictures isn't it?

The icy table and chair

Even though the place was pretty small, but I had a lot of fun along the way. :) :) :) 

 By Sky   

Zachary Neels

Hi my name is Zachary in the holiday I went to the Auckland Zoo. Has a lot The Auckland Zoo has heaps of things to do like play on the big dragon there is even a kid zone. At the Auckland Zoo there are native reptiles and animals.There are a lot of competitions at the Zoo.

My family went to Auckland Zoo for a whole day.

As we walked in to the Auckland Zoo we see a competition which was the penguins of Madagascar to win a prize pack.

As we walked towards the porcupines they were eating there breakfast. 
There was a lot more animals and reptiles and amphibians to see.                   

My favorite part of the Zoo was when we saw the Siamangs because they make a really loud sound and also I got to put my hand on the glass then the Siamang would put his foot on the window. When it was time to go my family stopped for a ice block when I finished I went to the fake lizard.

Lewis's Blog:

It was Saturday. I had woken to a beaming, light through my bedroom window. And ever since then I had been awake!But all of a sudden I remembered that today was the day me and my Sister (Ashley), were going to stay with our  family that we love so much  at their bach in Whangamata! I had been dreaming for this day for months! When we Arrived At Whangamata, all of our old memories felt like they had revived back to life. All of a sudden  I saw their bach and believe it or not I was speechless!

I had not been to the bach for roughly about 3 years! This bach isn't any sort of bach it's a fully structured and safe home built by my grandad...I was so delighted to be at the bach and get to meet my younger cousin Oscar for the first time-and also my younger cousin Quinn for the second time.

After I had finished saying (Hi & Hugging) All my relitatives (Grandad Rex, Grandma Cheryl, Oscar, Eden, Quinn, Isla, Beaudon, Josh, Aunty Andrea, Aunty Bex,  Aunty Cass, Uncle Thomas, And Uncle Bruizer (Wayne) I went and unpacked my suitcase.

Photo by: www.fourjandels.com
That Next Day...I walked to the local dairy and brought an NZ Herald for my Grandad, He loves reading they NZ Herald that way he can keep up to date with the local news. Breakfast was a blast! We had a cook-up on the BBQ. We went to the beach I predicted it would be cold but I predicted wrong.  It was as warm as a hot tub, well not quite. I loved spending time with my special Grandad! And even thoe hes not with us anymore he this and always will be  in our minds!
I baby-sat my cousin (Oscar) I had so much fun ( He was asleep thoe).
To all my family: thanks for making these times happen. :-)
That was my fabulous holiday!!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Trip To Rainbows End In The Holidays

This image was taken from the Google Images.
In the holidays of 2014 I was lucky enough to go with my sisters,brother and mum to Rainbows end.I was so nervous to go on the rides. We got the tickets and stepped through gate, we couldn't wait to go onto the rides. My mum was just looking after us, not riding with us. That was quite disappointing.

This image was taken from the Google Images.
My two sister, brother and I went to the gold rush first and it was so fun. We went all over the place going on rides and eating sweats. My brother and I loved the  bumper karts. We mostly went there a lot but we also went to other rides too, we couldn't stick to only one ride. My sister's went to really scary ride's like roller coaster, fear fall and other. My brother and I was too scared to on with them. We kept riding and riding until it was lunch time.
This image was taken from the Google Images.

This image was taken from the Google Images.
While we were eating our delicious lunch there was a magic performance going on. It was very impressive! There was one part that I got really scared because a women had been cut into pieces in a rectangle box but she was safe and sound when she came out 
  again. It was just a magic performance so there must be a trick there to trick you. 
This image was taken from the Google Images.
 After we ate our lunch we started heading back to the fun rides.As a group we went to watch the penguins in a riding cinema.We kept on riding on other rides. Enjoying ourselves we didn't know that it was time to go.

At about 4:00 it was time to live. It was very upsetting because we wanted to stay there. It was so much fun, we didn't even notice that time was flying by so fast. We sadly packed up and
This image was taken from Google Images
 slowly walked to the car park feeling blue. That was a great day and I wished it happened again. Mum drove to pizza hut to order some for dinner. When we got home we started chatting about our great day from Rainbows End."WOW!" We said "That was such a great fun ".