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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Adahs trip to Australia

Australia is such a magnificent place, I would love to go there again, so many places to go, new things to try and different people to meet! There is so much to talk about… I went shopping, to water parks, to the city, I saw kangaroos on the road, koalas in trees and so much more!! Is was spectacular. I tried new food and let me tell you it was unique, no matter what there was always a kind face to guide you through somewhere if you were lost, It was so much fun!!

I went to the mall and went inside these shops...Converse, Smiggle, Target and Kmart. I got new Converse shoes, an Ipad, new clothes, new shoes and lego. I got to see my auntie and some of my cousins that I never knew I had. Australia is so beautiful  but the only thing about it is that it is way to HOT!! For the last week and a half my dad dropped the rest of my family off to my uncles house in Sydney and my dad lives in Brisbane so we had to sit in the car for 10 hours!! Once we got there, we went straight to the bed and slept for hours and hours, I couldn't believe that we were in Brisbane than the next thing you know, we were in Sydney. 

Vivid Sydney Opera Sails I would see kangaroos everywhere , so many adorable koalas in trees, cockatoos flying all around the sky along side bats. Everywhere I went, there were kind faces and breath-taking sights with nothing but beautiful views. While we were in Sydney we got to see the Sydney Opera House and it was one of the most greatest sights I have ever seen. Every minute was never wasted and you would have never wanted anything more. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!



  1. Great job Adah I want to go to Sydney now WOW !!!

  2. Awesome the links and the picture is awesome
    by Hayley

  3. WOW adah my eyes couldn't stop reading your blog post it is AMAZING I went to Sydney too but you described it even better than it looks

  4. I love Australia for the shopping. We haven't been for a number of years so we are really looking forward to visiting this year in July. I love how you have included a webpage link in this post. This is a very sophisticated idea and a really good way to connect with your reader and to harness the potential of the internet. Clever you.

  5. What a great entry Adah. I have only been to Brisbane twice, and yes it is an awesome place to shop in. What I did do was visit the Australian Zoo . did you get a chance to go there? I also love Sydney . My BFF is in Sydney. I visit her every year. I really love walking around the shops and seeing different things.