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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sky tower

                                      Sky tower experience

I didn't do much in the holidays, but one of my favourite things was going to the Sky Tower. We were going to go to the boat Museum but when we found out that the sky tower was right around the corner we just HAD to go! 

As we entered the under ground parking area we got confused because there was so many elevators and we didn't know what one to choose, but we got there eventually! When we got to the top it was like a big maze, we found out the family combo, which was $80 for my family because we are a family of six but my sisters are under five which means they are free! It might sound like a lot, but it was worth the money :D

When we reached the first elevator it was very crowded, my ears felt like they were melting. Finally we got to the middle floor. The first thing my sisters and I did was go up to the window and stare out for 10 minutes, it felt like you were going to fall out.

Then we had to go.

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  1. wow thats a pretty picture and a amazing story

  2. I love your picture, it has a great view.

  3. wow thats a pretty picture and a amazing story

  4. that is like the best!
    $80 :(

    Zach. H

  5. thats a great picture and good story