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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Athletics day

Finally we got off the bus and started walking to the entry gate of Massey Park grounds as I walk up to the stand to sit down with the 11 year old boys. The starter gun went off, we also  waited for our first event the 1500.

Finally it was the 11 year old boys race the 1500 “BANG!!”. I say to myself it’s the last lap of the 1500 the bell went off “ring, ring, ring” then it was the last 100m I started to sprint to the finish line. “Yah” 3rd place.

Then our second event was Long jump and after Logan jumped it was my turn to jump. and my first score was 2.99 and my next jump was 3.18 And on my last jump my score of went down to 3.12.

So then we went back to the stand and cheered and  watched other people do the track and field events then it wasn't long until it was time to do are thrid event .

It was time for us to do 200m Sprint so Lynn patterson split us up into 2 Groups of 8 to race in and my group was first up for the 200m and I came 2 second in my group but there were faster times than mine and I didn’t get a placing in the 200m sprint.

After are 200m it was time to do discus for my first throw I got 2.98 but I didn’t make it into the top 10 so I sat down and I watched others that made it in do their throws.

Then after that it was time for us to go back to the stand and drink water, eat and relax and get ready for my next event which is high jump which I had skipped because I always hurt my back when i do it.

Then after that it was time for 100m sprint and Mr Fourie split us up into 2 groups of 8 and with my group I came first but yet again there were way faster times than my one so I didn’t get a placing. But I was really excited for my last event which  was kauri relay boys team which was Griffin, Owen, Xander and Bradley and we came first place out of the house’s YAH!!.

I was very happy with my results because I got a 3rd place ribbon for 1500 and a 1st place ribbon for the Kauri boys relay and last year I got no ribbons so I feel really proud of myself.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athletics Recount - Lewis

We nervously hopped off the Murphy’s bus. We ecnolourged the cloudless sky and what was soon thought to be a blistering temperature.

The students swarmed in and sat in their assigned seats.

My first event was highjump, just watching the other pupils was bad enough! It was my turn I ran my fastest and attempted to jump the bar, I didn’t get a placing but oh well at least I tried.

Event two was our 200m sprint, I was anxious waiting for the starting gun to go off. BANG. Off I ran, it wasn’t long till I was coming last. I ran my hardest tried my hardest and well yeah just what I said.
We crossed the finish line, finally the embarrassment was over.

We had a 1 hour break I chilled with my friends and cheered on the other participants.
I still can’t believe how nice the weather is!

Before I knew it ‘’Year 7 Boys Discus Go To Your Station’’ was spoken via the loudspeaker.
At school we were rehearsing discus throws, and I nearly hit somebody with a Discus, now I’m just planning how I’m going to safely throw the discus without causing any injuries. Back forward back forward throw, I integrated into myself.

Shotput - It was obvious that I was worried all I could think was this is nearly over. Everybody’s staring at me, I am trying to fit in, Back Forward THROW. I think this is my best event so far.

With Longjump, I kept jumping to early but did my best.

I might have not succeeded in any events but it was still an enjoyable day.

Athletics day recount


When we got off the bus at Massey park Stadium the first thing we did was get ready for 1500 meters,I didn't participate because I wanted to get ready for long jump. When it came to long jump we got two tries, I got 2.73cm around that. Then it was time for a drink and snack. I was so considered for 200m sprints. I came 3rd but I didn't get a ribbon because my group was not the fastest group. I was happy that I got 3rd anyway. Now it's discus time. I'm pretty sure I did bad but at least I tried.
I was not excited for shot put because I can't even through 2.0m.Of course I did bad.Yay!! Time for high jump.Oohh I didn't make it over. I was so happy for high jump, oh well =(. My favorite thing off all was 100m yay!!! I came 2nd but my group was not the fastest so I didn't get a ribbon then I went home because I had appointment but over all I enjoyed athletics.
Thank you Reremoana school and parents for helping and organising it.
Thank you Mr Fourie training me.
By Claire

Reremoana School Athletics Day Recount

Reremoana School Athletics Day Recount

On Friday the 13th of November I participated in my schools athletics day this
is my recount of the day.

Once we got off the bus at Massey Park we had to sit on the outside of the arena, in our age groups, I felt really nervous. After 15-30 minutes my age group (11 yr) we finally got started on our first event which was running 1500m. I didn't run the 1500m because I wanted to only do the 100m and 200m. For the 1500m Hannah Smith came third but I’m not sure about the other placings, Next we did long jump, my jump was 1.24m. Then we had a small break to have something to eat and talk our other friends, after that we did Discus, I don’t know how long my throw was because they never told me. Lelani came first, Johanri came second and Hayley Cooper came third. Then we had another break, after that break we ran 200m, I’m not sure what the places were though (again). And then we did Shot Put, for Shot Put Lelani came first and once again I'm not sure about the others, straight away  we finished Shot Put we did High Jump. I didn't participate in High Jump because it was optional. The placings for High Jump were Lelani in first,  Hayley Cooper in second and Jodie in third place and once we finished that we had a 45 minute break. After that we had our last event which was 100m sprints, I came 4th or 5th and I don’t know the placings. At the very end the school houses (Rimu,Totara,Kauri and Kowhai) had two relay races, one girl race and one boy race. For the boy race Kauri came first and for the girl race Rimu came first.

After a small break we hopped onto the bus and went to school for the end of the day, I felt proud of myself at the end of the day because I didn't come last in anything.

Athletics day!!

Image result for athletics
2015 Reremoana Athletics day
Year 7

Totora! Rimu! Kauri! Kowhai!
The four houses are on the go! On the 13th of November it was the school Athletics day. As the buses get closer to Massey park, everyone gets more excited but nervous as well, because it’s still a race.

The first event of the day started at 9:45. For us, the 12 year old girls, we had high jump first up at that time. We took lots of jumps and turns. I was really surprised that I came fourth. And it is the first time in 2 years that I have jumped over the bar on athletics. “Yay!” I said. Even though I didn’t have a ribbon, I won myself! “It’s ok” I said. “I may get a ribbon throughout the day.”

Then not long after, we had the 1500 meters. The boys and girls went together. I had wasted too much energy at the start. But Mr Fourie said to get a really good start. And that is the thing that I’m good at. After the hard work I came 3rd!! Miriama bet me for the first time on athletics.

We had other discus, shot put 200m and 100m. My other good event is long jump, I came 5th. I came fourth in 200m which I’m really happy about.
Here’s a picture of me running the 1500m.
Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 09.58.17.png
But soon after we had to pack up and watch the house relays. There was a boys relay and a girls one. In the boys one, the high school kids did it for fun as well. Even though Totora boys team came last it’s ok, because we came second in the girls race. It was a really good race. 
I really enjoyed the day! We got on the bus and went back to school. It was a really good day!

Athletics day

As I step of the bus I feel heavy like I'm going to fall straight through the ground. I really don't feel like going through with athletics day but I have to. walking into the stadium I got reminded how big it was with the 800 meter and 1500 meter track events and the high jump, long jump, shot put and discus.

I walk up towards where the 11 year old boys are all sitting down, knowing that soon it will be 1500 meters race . I thought about doing it for a while then when the time came I did not do it mainly because we have another event soon after the 1500 meter race and I don't want to be puffed out when it happens. After the 1500 meter. 

Now we have the 200 meter race we were split into two groups of 8 . When we raced I came fourth out of my group but I did not come forth out of the entire race because some people in the other group had a faster time than me.

Next we had discus my throw was worthy enough to land in 8th place. I also twisted my ankle after my discus throw and that hurt for a long while .

Next we had long jump I hurt my leg doing discus so that was a disadvantage  I ran and jumped not knowing how far my jump was.

For our last throwing event shot put I came 8th with a bad push while other people ended up getting disqualified.

High jump was our last field event and I was unable to do my first jump and was one of the first out.

For our last event we did 100 meter sprints which again we split in two groups of eight When we raced I came second but yet again not out of the entire thing because people in the other group had a faster time than me

finally It was the relay each person had to run 100 meters. and the finale winner out of the boys and girls was karui house.

Now we are heading back towards school were we will be able to go home.

Talking Apple Pies

Talking Apple Pies

Two goblins named Gwanny and Hilby, sneaked around the place peeping through the window and stepping all over the beautiful flowers Ms. Smartwick had planted around her little cottage.
The two little goblins were the naughtiest in all of Goblington and the least liked by any other goblin in the town. Their own rickety cottage stood at the very edge of town where no one ever visited, for these two were always up to something mysterious if not troublesome. They stole eggs and chickens from Old Goblin Grump’s farm for soup, apples from Mrs. Pottylove’s orchard, or vegetables for salad from the gardens of other hard working goblins. But they never did anything good with their time.
Gwanny, although the older of the two, was also the rather dumb goblin so much so that Hilby, the more mischievous and younger one, had to come up with all their plans for mischief.
Today, they had smelt the delicious aroma coming from an apple pie Ms. Smartwick had baked and left to cool on her windowsill. Originally, the plan of the goblins was to steal bread from the village baker, Old Goblin Bakes.
This must be our lucky day,” Gwanny exclaimed as they spotted the pie from behind a bush.
“Hey, wait!” Hilby cried. “We’ve got to be fast because this old witch might put some magic spell on us and we could get into really big trouble.
He looked around carefully to see if they were being watched and when he saw no one, asked Gwanny to get the tray.
Gwanny, who was closer to the windowsill, quickly snatched the tray and the two naughty goblins fled towards their home on the hill, but well, who said anything could be hidden under the sun? Especially when one is dealing with two good-for-nothing little goblins like Gwanny and Hilby.
They had not only stepped all over the newly blooming flowers around the cottage but had left a whole lot of footprints in the flower beds.

As it happens, an angry Lola-owl, who had been awakened from deep sleep by the two goblins, had watched their every move and was not one bit surprised when she heard Ms. Smartwick’s exclamation of horror from the kitchen when she discovered the apple-pie she had left there earlier was gone.
Where’s the apple-pie?” Lola-owl heard Ms. Smartwick ask. But silence was her answer since she lived alone.
Still sitting on her branch dosing, Lola-owl heard the poor old woman call out to her, which startled her so much that she almost fell.
“Yes, Ms. Smartwick, I did see those two good-for-nothing little goblins who live on the hill steal the delicious apple-pie and run away with it”. She answered, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose and happy to be getting back at the goblins for waking her up from her sound sleep.
“Thank you Lola-owl.” Ms. Smartwick murmured and walked away from the kitchen window.
“What am I going to do with these two worms? I’ve just about had enough!”
And so, she set to work on a talking spell.
By this time however the two naughty goblins had reached their home and sat on their porch enjoying the stolen apple-pie with tall glasses of cold fresh lemon juice.
“That was delicious.” said Gwanny. “Maybe she’ll make more tomorrow.”
“You are right and perhaps we might get to have another feast like this.” Hilby agreed and they both cheered and toasted to themselves, celebrating their success and planning another mischief for the next day.
Meanwhile, Ms. Smartwick had finished brewing her talking spell. She planned to bake the most delicious apple-pies the next day and sprinkle on them some of the “talking spell”. This would cause voices to speak from the tummies of the naughty goblins when they finished eating the pies.
And so, early the next day, after Ms. Smartwick had finished baking the apple-pies and dusting them with the “talking spell”, she again placed a tray filled with them on her windowsill and went to hide in her attic.
Down the lane came the two naughty Goblins once more on another quest. Again stood the most delicious and freshly baked apple-pies they had ever seen.

“Quick! Get the tray!” Hilby said and Gwanny snatched the tray from its place on the window, and the two goblins set off merrily for home, very proud of themselves once again.
After they had left, Ms. Smartwick climbed down from the attic and waited in her sitting room knowing very well that it wouldn’t be long before the two naughty goblins came running back.
“Hey Twinkle,” something said.
“Did you say something, Hilby?” Gwanny asked.
“No, I didn’t.“ Hilby responded.
There was silence. And then the sound came again.
“Twinkle, those two naughty goblins took us away from Ms. Smartwick’s, and now we are in their tummies." The voice came from Gwanny’s tummy.
“I can see that Lilby, those two worthless apple-pie roaches stole us from home.” This time, the voice came from Hilby’s.
Now you can imagine how scared the two goblins were to hear voices coming from their own tummies. They did everything to stop the voices, who were soon screaming.
The two goblins drank as much water as they could hoping to drown the voices but this only got them more angry.
“Oh Hilby, what are we going to do?” Gwanny asked in tears.
“I think we’ll have to go back to Ms. Smartwick’s cottage to see her. Maybe she’ll know how to get the voices to stop.”
And so, it wasn’t long before the two goblins went running down the hill towards Ms. Smartwick’s cottage.
The old lady met them at her door and asked in a sweet voice, “To what do I earn this visit from you two dears?”
“Oh Hilby, what do we do now?” Gwanny asked tearfully.
“Uhmmm………..” Hilby stammered. “There are voices speaking in our tummies.”
“And how did this happen?” Ms. Smartwick asked and the two goblins burst into tears.
“We stole your apple-pies”. They said unison.
At the mention of apple-pies, the two voices they had heard earlier again begun chattering.
“Oh please make them stop.” The goblins pleaded earnestly.

“Okay,” Ms. Smartwick said, “but on condition that you make up for all the flowers you destroyed in my garden.”
“Yes! Yes! Anything to make them shush.” Hilby and Gwanny agreed in tears.
Ms. Smartwick took them into her cottage and gave them some trellimilk, and that was how she got the voices to stop.
“On the morrow, you two will be tending to my garden and cleaning my cottage,” She instructed, and the two beaten goblins nodded and dragged their miserable bodies up the hill, to their home.
What a surprise it was to every goblin in Goblington when the next day found the two goblins tending to Ms. Smartwick’s flower gardens and later her cottage while she baked her usual apple-pies.
After a long day’s work, the two goblins were allowed some apple-pies and fresh lemonade.
They have since learned to do the right thing. Work to earn their food. And guess what? They often come to tea with Ms. Smartwick and well, just yesterday when I visited Ms. Smartwick, she was baking some cakes for Hilby and Gwanny’s birthday party.

shopping spree!!

On Friday Amelie and I went to the mall instead of athletics day. At the mall the first shop we went to was farmers (for my mum), we didn’t get anything, after we did my mums boring shopping I decided that Amelie and I will go to smiggles while my mum goes to some other shops, at smiggles I got this cool jump rope thing and a drink bottle and some pens, and Amelie brought some things for her brothers , oh and BTW we did not wag we just had a day off , and we did learn something we learnt that smiggle stands for smile and giggle. The next place we went to was BURGER KING at burger king i got a large cheese burger with frozen coke yum!!
The next shop we went to was cotton on body, at the cotton on body I got some bra’s and a negligee AKA a nightie and a dressing gown.

After spending 2 whole hours at cotton on body we went to Doti to find me a dress for my cousin's wedding. Amelie and I found this beautiful white strapless dress with pink roses on them I just had to get it!! after Doti we went to pumpkin patch so we could get a present for my little cousin ruby’s 1st birthday, we got ruby a dress similar to mine but hers had straps. The next shop we went to was number one shoes because we had to get some shoes that match my dress, after half an hour I found these really pretty white shoes with Velcro straps on them, and the last shop we went to was typo, typo is my favourite shop because I love stationary! At typo I got some pens and this pale pink chrome book case. And that was the end of shopping, what a great athletics day!!!Image result for shopping by lily:)

Athletics day- Irza

Athletics day!
Friday the 13th, the WORST day for Athletics day!
Friday the 13th always ends up bad for me but I don't think it hit me that hard this time!
When I walked off the bus I could feel nerves getting to me, I try to forget about them.
We get ready for our first event, 1500m. I was excited about this event but very nervous! At the end I ended up coming last because my ankle was really sore and I had the WORST stitch ever, I felt like I was getting stabbed. :(
For the rest of the day my events went alright I didn't get any ribbons but I did get a participation ribbon, ´´it´s alright´´ I thought to myself.
I got to cheer on my friends when I didn't do any of my races which they did really well in!

My very very favourite event we did this year was a tie between 100m sprints and discus!
I have always LOVED long jump but this year it didn't really stand out to me, but it was still really fun!

I had a great day and a great week getting excited and ready for Athletics day!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Reccount of Atheletics

       Recount of Athletics

When I got off the bus I felt a cold breeze brush against my back, I got a chill. My first event  was the 11 yr old girl’s 1500m. I didn’t participate in that because I was focusing on my sprints. My second event was long jump, I made it into the top five and ended coming forth. Here is a image of me!

After that event I had Discus, but I didn’t do very well in that. After that I did 200 meters and I came 4th. Then we had a break and I had some lunch and talked to some friends. My next event was shot put, I was really scared, but I made it into the top 10 then luckily I made it into the top 5  and  I ended up with coming 3rd equal with Crosbie Maxwell-wall. My next event was high jump and I was so close from getting over the bar, but I didn’t. Then we had a humongous brake, after high jump. My next event was 100m sprint  I came 5th in the last heat. Then it was relay’s I didn’t get into the relay team but it was fun watching the relay's. For the relay every house colour competed, for the girl’s relay
Rimu came 1st, Totara came 2nd, Kauri came 3rd and Kowhai came 4th.  For the boy’s relay           Kauri came 1st, Rimu came 2nd, Kowhai came 3rd and Totara came 4th.
Then I had to go line up in my class line and listen for my name for the roll Room 2 was the second class ready so we went on a bus with room 3 and went back to school.

BY Hayley.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Bully

      The Bully
It was a sunny day on the twenty fifth of January. A girl named Kaylee was walking to school.

When she arrived at school, there was this mean girl, called Samantha Williams. She was the meanest person in the school even the teachers were scared of her. Samantha came up to Kaylee and said “ Hey you do you miss your Mummy , wagh wagh”. Then Kaylee started crying and ran to the bathroom. Then the bell rang and then she had to run to class. At Eleven am class was dismissed. Kaylee went to have her morning tea, but then Samantha told Kaylee that she ‘had to do all her work or her head would be in the toilet’. So Kaylee said “No I have had enough”. But the next day Samantha did put Kaylee’s head in the toilet.

Kaylee was so sad, she went to the teacher that she is being bullied by Samantha Williams. The teacher said “ I will fix the problem”. So Kaylee was happy. The next day the teacher talked to Kaylee and Samantha and sorted the problem out. Samantha and Kaylee are still not friends.

Now Samantha doesn’t  bully Kaylee or anyone anymore. So Kaylee is happy and everyone is happy.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Death of Megrim

Professor M sat quietly at his desk putting the final touches on his soon to be famous time radio. It uses a power source unlike anything on earth, It uses the black core, more powerful than plasma and needs a particle arranger to create. It would be able to send radio waves so fast it bypasses time. NASA would pay millions to attempt to connect to an alien radio device. Mysteriously just before Megrim finished building his time radio he died on the spot. Rumors went around that an alien killed him using a mind force. NASA decided to investigate but the time radio was nowhere to be seen. Even more mysterious his grave had disappeared including all records of his death and birth. It is as if he had been erased completely from the universe, only to exist in few minds.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Dark Ghost

The Dark Ghost

One sunny bright day a girl named Emmalyn, was walking to the bus to go to camp that day.

Then when she got onto the bus and it started driving away she, just remembered that she left her suitcase on the footpath at the bus stop. She asked the bus driver, but he said ‘‘No turning back’’. It was a two hour drive to the camp Cedarledge. When they got they got there they had to find their cabins. Emmalyn hoped that she was in a cabin with her friend Stacey, but she was with  actually with these mean girls called, Jordan, Jodie, Sarah. She was so angry. Then when she went to get dinner , Jordan tripped Emmalyn over and spilt her spaghetti over Jordan and Jordan made it look like Emmalyn spilt her spaghetti on he on purpose. So Emmalyn ran back to her cabin. Later that night everyone went to sleep on the camp, Emmalyn and Jordan woke up to a sound. It was like a thud, thud. They got up and they saw a ghost knocking on the cabin door. They got so scared they stayed awake under their blankets all night, the knocking was still going on. In the morning the ghost went away. They told everyone what they saw but know one believed them. So Emmalyn and Jordan talked to each other. when they went to bed they decide to sleep together on the top bed . But that didn’t stop the ghost from scaring them. So they decided to go outside and talk to the ghost, the ghost didn’t want to talk and a soon as they stepped outside that door they were gone forever so never go to Cedarledge camp.

By Hayley

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Man in coma for 8 years

2045 August 13 17:05
All I heard was sirens and the murmur of doctors and nurses. “It’s not possible, no he can’t make it.” “We’ll have to put them in a coma, maybe for a few years.” “But who knows if he will survive that long…” “We have to try… sob sob”

2052 April 1 12:00
“He’s up! He’s finally up, a whole memory segment destroyed but he’s up!” “It’s going to be expensive to molecularly copy his brain from over 8 years ago and restore that to his head while keeping him alive!” “remember the backup life sustaining brain we keep in the freezer, we will put that in as we study the past time brain stances his original brain was in and copy that to the life sustaining brain!” “Genius, I wish I thought of that.”

2059 July 18 21:48
“He’s up again!” “Umm… Where am I?” “Never mind that just believe that it is the year 2059 and it july 18th.” “Uh… ok”

The Reaping Willow

The Reaping Willow

They should've called it the 'reaping willow' instead of the weeping willow. The weeping stops, eventually. But the reaping doesn't. I knew a couple of people that the reaping willow has snatched up, but I never knew it would happen to me. To be honest I never knew I would live to tell the tale, but...here I am. Me and my family just moved into this old, brick house in Georgia. The door was brown and the bricks were worn. The windows were a little smudged, but regardless of its ancient features, it was beautiful. As we were moving boxes inside the house, I saw a weeping willow out in our backyard. It was a big, beautiful, Golden Curls Weeping Willow. I thought it was just some random old tree, but apparently, there was a story behind it. Legend says, that at night, you could hear the weeping of the many victims who were snatched from the...what legend calls it...Reaping Willow. Legend also says that you could hear an eerie voice coming from the tree calling out your name, but to do everything in your power to not go near the tree. And if you do, the vines from the tree will snatch you up and squeeze you to death, and will steal your soul. It did scare me a little bit hearing about the Reaping Willow, but I didn't let it bother me. After all, it was just a legend...right? A couple of nights I thought I heard my name being called, but I think that was just nerves. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. I have to admit, I was a little curious about what I was hearing, but I always fought off my curiosity. Just in case. But one night, I couldn't contain it any longer. I had to see for myself. I was in bed about to close my eyes when suddenly, I heard an eerie voice calling out my name. I ignored it and closed my eyes to go to sleep. I heard it again. This time, getting louder. I opened my eyes, my curiosity increasing. It couldn't be...could it? Thoughts kept racing through my mind. Should I see what it is? Or should I just stay in bed? After a few minutes of debating what I should do, I decided to go see what it is.The voice became increasingly louder with every step I took. Before I knew it I was outside, and there stood the Reaping Willow. As eerie as ever. Just as legend said, I heard an overpowering noise of people crying. I felt as still as a statue. I didn't think I could take another step. But I did...as if I was being pulled in, I took the extra few steps until I was right in front of the tree. A few seconds passed by and nothing happened. Then suddenly, I saw the vines rise into the pitch black sky, without a star in sight. My jaw dropped and my heart stopped. I couldn't move. Then, as the vines came towards me, it was like it snapped me out of it because I ran straight to the house. But it was too late...the vines caught me by the legs and dropped me right onto the ground. I struggled for what felt like forever but I finally broke free and tried for a second time to get into the house. But I didn't even get the chance to get up before it got me once again. This time...it got me into the tree. It was a horrible sight. All I saw were bodies of children, teenagers, adults, people of all ages wrapped in vines, to their necks down to their feet. But they weren't dead. At least...I didn't think so. Now I know where the crying is coming from...I can still see the tears rolling down their cheeks. The vines tightened around my neck like a noose. They wrapped around my body like a snake, and squeezed me till I was blue. I thought it was the end...because I didn't feel my heart beating any more. But then...something amazing happened. I was awoken by this small bright light. But it kept moving. Left and right. Left and right. I opened my eyes, and saw these three doctors looking down at me. I could barely talk, and I could see why. I looked down and saw a huge gash across my neck. It was pretty deep, but it didn't look infected. I went to open my mouth to speak but one of the doctors said "no, no, you shouldn't speak a lot for a while, that gash on your neck is pretty deep and could cause some damage if you talk too much". I immediately closed my mouth. Once I was put in a hospital bed I was given one of those mini chalk boards and a stick of white chalk. Then came the millions of questions. Do you remember what happened? Are you feeling okay? Etcetera, etcetera. I tried to write as fast as I can but the questions just seemed to keep coming. Once they got their answers, they left. They didn't really tell me anything else. Not even when I'm supposed to be leaving. I tried to close my eyes and go to sleep but every time I did, a doctor or a nurse would come in and bother me. After the fourth time I just stopped trying. Finally, one of the doctors that I saw once I woke up came in and told me that I needed surgery to stitch up the gashes all over my body. I agreed, and he sent me right off to surgery an hour later. An hour passed and I'm about to go into the surgery room. I'm so excited, yet nervous. I'm happy I'm going to feel better again but I'm nervous because I'm going to have these huge, hideous scars all over my body. Not to mention my neck, where it'll be the most noticeable! But I guess I can't complain. At least I'm alive.
Hours later I'm finally out of surgery. I'm a little loopy from the gas they gave me but from what I see, the scars don't look so bad. Hopefully when I can see straight they'll still look halfway decent. A week later I finally got to go home. And once I got home I was greeted by my wonderful family. My mum and dad, and my older brother. But I told them I wasn't strong enough to celebrate, they understood, and sent me off to bed. I slept for hours, and once I woke up I gave my whole family a big hug. Regardless the pain. Because the only pain that I truly feel, is the pain of having to go through all of that, to appreciate the life I have been given.