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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athletics day- Irza

Athletics day!
Friday the 13th, the WORST day for Athletics day!
Friday the 13th always ends up bad for me but I don't think it hit me that hard this time!
When I walked off the bus I could feel nerves getting to me, I try to forget about them.
We get ready for our first event, 1500m. I was excited about this event but very nervous! At the end I ended up coming last because my ankle was really sore and I had the WORST stitch ever, I felt like I was getting stabbed. :(
For the rest of the day my events went alright I didn't get any ribbons but I did get a participation ribbon, ´´it´s alright´´ I thought to myself.
I got to cheer on my friends when I didn't do any of my races which they did really well in!

My very very favourite event we did this year was a tie between 100m sprints and discus!
I have always LOVED long jump but this year it didn't really stand out to me, but it was still really fun!

I had a great day and a great week getting excited and ready for Athletics day!

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