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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

shopping spree!!

On Friday Amelie and I went to the mall instead of athletics day. At the mall the first shop we went to was farmers (for my mum), we didn’t get anything, after we did my mums boring shopping I decided that Amelie and I will go to smiggles while my mum goes to some other shops, at smiggles I got this cool jump rope thing and a drink bottle and some pens, and Amelie brought some things for her brothers , oh and BTW we did not wag we just had a day off , and we did learn something we learnt that smiggle stands for smile and giggle. The next place we went to was BURGER KING at burger king i got a large cheese burger with frozen coke yum!!
The next shop we went to was cotton on body, at the cotton on body I got some bra’s and a negligee AKA a nightie and a dressing gown.

After spending 2 whole hours at cotton on body we went to Doti to find me a dress for my cousin's wedding. Amelie and I found this beautiful white strapless dress with pink roses on them I just had to get it!! after Doti we went to pumpkin patch so we could get a present for my little cousin ruby’s 1st birthday, we got ruby a dress similar to mine but hers had straps. The next shop we went to was number one shoes because we had to get some shoes that match my dress, after half an hour I found these really pretty white shoes with Velcro straps on them, and the last shop we went to was typo, typo is my favourite shop because I love stationary! At typo I got some pens and this pale pink chrome book case. And that was the end of shopping, what a great athletics day!!!Image result for shopping by lily:)

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