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Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Dark Ghost

The Dark Ghost

One sunny bright day a girl named Emmalyn, was walking to the bus to go to camp that day.

Then when she got onto the bus and it started driving away she, just remembered that she left her suitcase on the footpath at the bus stop. She asked the bus driver, but he said ‘‘No turning back’’. It was a two hour drive to the camp Cedarledge. When they got they got there they had to find their cabins. Emmalyn hoped that she was in a cabin with her friend Stacey, but she was with  actually with these mean girls called, Jordan, Jodie, Sarah. She was so angry. Then when she went to get dinner , Jordan tripped Emmalyn over and spilt her spaghetti over Jordan and Jordan made it look like Emmalyn spilt her spaghetti on he on purpose. So Emmalyn ran back to her cabin. Later that night everyone went to sleep on the camp, Emmalyn and Jordan woke up to a sound. It was like a thud, thud. They got up and they saw a ghost knocking on the cabin door. They got so scared they stayed awake under their blankets all night, the knocking was still going on. In the morning the ghost went away. They told everyone what they saw but know one believed them. So Emmalyn and Jordan talked to each other. when they went to bed they decide to sleep together on the top bed . But that didn’t stop the ghost from scaring them. So they decided to go outside and talk to the ghost, the ghost didn’t want to talk and a soon as they stepped outside that door they were gone forever so never go to Cedarledge camp.

By Hayley

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