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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Man in coma for 8 years

2045 August 13 17:05
All I heard was sirens and the murmur of doctors and nurses. “It’s not possible, no he can’t make it.” “We’ll have to put them in a coma, maybe for a few years.” “But who knows if he will survive that long…” “We have to try… sob sob”

2052 April 1 12:00
“He’s up! He’s finally up, a whole memory segment destroyed but he’s up!” “It’s going to be expensive to molecularly copy his brain from over 8 years ago and restore that to his head while keeping him alive!” “remember the backup life sustaining brain we keep in the freezer, we will put that in as we study the past time brain stances his original brain was in and copy that to the life sustaining brain!” “Genius, I wish I thought of that.”

2059 July 18 21:48
“He’s up again!” “Umm… Where am I?” “Never mind that just believe that it is the year 2059 and it july 18th.” “Uh… ok”

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