PB4L ( Postive behaviour for learning)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


When we got off the bus at Massey park Stadium the first thing we did was get ready for 1500 meters,I didn't participate because I wanted to get ready for long jump. When it came to long jump we got two tries, I got 2.73cm around that. Then it was time for a drink and snack. I was so considered for 200m sprints. I came 3rd but I didn't get a ribbon because my group was not the fastest group. I was happy that I got 3rd anyway. Now it's discus time. I'm pretty sure I did bad but at least I tried.
I was not excited for shot put because I can't even through 2.0m.Of course I did bad.Yay!! Time for high jump.Oohh I didn't make it over. I was so happy for high jump, oh well =(. My favorite thing off all was 100m yay!!! I came 2nd but my group was not the fastest so I didn't get a ribbon then I went home because I had appointment but over all I enjoyed athletics.
Thank you Reremoana school and parents for helping and organising it.
Thank you Mr Fourie training me.
By Claire

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