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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Bully

      The Bully
It was a sunny day on the twenty fifth of January. A girl named Kaylee was walking to school.

When she arrived at school, there was this mean girl, called Samantha Williams. She was the meanest person in the school even the teachers were scared of her. Samantha came up to Kaylee and said “ Hey you do you miss your Mummy , wagh wagh”. Then Kaylee started crying and ran to the bathroom. Then the bell rang and then she had to run to class. At Eleven am class was dismissed. Kaylee went to have her morning tea, but then Samantha told Kaylee that she ‘had to do all her work or her head would be in the toilet’. So Kaylee said “No I have had enough”. But the next day Samantha did put Kaylee’s head in the toilet.

Kaylee was so sad, she went to the teacher that she is being bullied by Samantha Williams. The teacher said “ I will fix the problem”. So Kaylee was happy. The next day the teacher talked to Kaylee and Samantha and sorted the problem out. Samantha and Kaylee are still not friends.

Now Samantha doesn’t  bully Kaylee or anyone anymore. So Kaylee is happy and everyone is happy.

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