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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Reremoana School Athletics Day Recount

Reremoana School Athletics Day Recount

On Friday the 13th of November I participated in my schools athletics day this
is my recount of the day.

Once we got off the bus at Massey Park we had to sit on the outside of the arena, in our age groups, I felt really nervous. After 15-30 minutes my age group (11 yr) we finally got started on our first event which was running 1500m. I didn't run the 1500m because I wanted to only do the 100m and 200m. For the 1500m Hannah Smith came third but I’m not sure about the other placings, Next we did long jump, my jump was 1.24m. Then we had a small break to have something to eat and talk our other friends, after that we did Discus, I don’t know how long my throw was because they never told me. Lelani came first, Johanri came second and Hayley Cooper came third. Then we had another break, after that break we ran 200m, I’m not sure what the places were though (again). And then we did Shot Put, for Shot Put Lelani came first and once again I'm not sure about the others, straight away  we finished Shot Put we did High Jump. I didn't participate in High Jump because it was optional. The placings for High Jump were Lelani in first,  Hayley Cooper in second and Jodie in third place and once we finished that we had a 45 minute break. After that we had our last event which was 100m sprints, I came 4th or 5th and I don’t know the placings. At the very end the school houses (Rimu,Totara,Kauri and Kowhai) had two relay races, one girl race and one boy race. For the boy race Kauri came first and for the girl race Rimu came first.

After a small break we hopped onto the bus and went to school for the end of the day, I felt proud of myself at the end of the day because I didn't come last in anything.

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