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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Reccount of Atheletics

       Recount of Athletics

When I got off the bus I felt a cold breeze brush against my back, I got a chill. My first event  was the 11 yr old girl’s 1500m. I didn’t participate in that because I was focusing on my sprints. My second event was long jump, I made it into the top five and ended coming forth. Here is a image of me!

After that event I had Discus, but I didn’t do very well in that. After that I did 200 meters and I came 4th. Then we had a break and I had some lunch and talked to some friends. My next event was shot put, I was really scared, but I made it into the top 10 then luckily I made it into the top 5  and  I ended up with coming 3rd equal with Crosbie Maxwell-wall. My next event was high jump and I was so close from getting over the bar, but I didn’t. Then we had a humongous brake, after high jump. My next event was 100m sprint  I came 5th in the last heat. Then it was relay’s I didn’t get into the relay team but it was fun watching the relay's. For the relay every house colour competed, for the girl’s relay
Rimu came 1st, Totara came 2nd, Kauri came 3rd and Kowhai came 4th.  For the boy’s relay           Kauri came 1st, Rimu came 2nd, Kowhai came 3rd and Totara came 4th.
Then I had to go line up in my class line and listen for my name for the roll Room 2 was the second class ready so we went on a bus with room 3 and went back to school.

BY Hayley.

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