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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mikhils Holiday Blog Post

Hi my name is Mikhil i've been to formula e go karting  at 36 Ascot road and I'm going to tell you about you about my experience and my opinion. As I arrived I saw a huge building but incredibly small sign, you could easily get fooled into thinking its a factory . 
this image is from : http://www.formulae.co.nz/

When I got inside I could smell the burning rubber from the racers in the race track. Right next to the track was a small counter with computers facing outwards me and family approached  the desk and asked what we do to start raceging she said enter your details In the two computers me and my buddy eagerly enter our details and sat at the stand.
this image is from : http://www.formulae.co.nz/

 After two minutes a instructor came and told us the important instructions. As we we got inside the karts, we clearly saw the figures that we saw from outside the track, it was a dummy pretending to drive a bath tub! .
this image is from: http://www.formulae.co.nz/

As I push the pedal the kart moved faster than I expected, as I started to gain confidence the kart went faster and faster until I span out and crashed finally It was time to have a break.

As I pulled of my helmet the heat the heat from the helmet came out I walked over to the stand my legs ached because of the pedal work I had to do! .
this image is from : http://www.formulae.co.nz/

But driving at high speed was fun especially with the special track. I got my energy back and I was eager for some for more! but we still had time to spare so we decided to play at the arcade. we played air hockey, I obviously lost. It was finally time to beat my buddy.

I walked over to the chain and crossed it and equipped myself with kart gear. As I climbed I was pumped, ready to burn rubber, my eyes were focused on the track. the turns I slowed down which really helped, but still managed to spin out.
I really had a lot of fun and I admit it was awesome 
but you should really try it you'll enjoy it!.
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this image is from : http://www.formulae.co.nz/


  1. Capital I for I've.
    rest is great!

  2. SANTA!!!!!!!!! (>.<)

  3. nice pictures of santa and good story

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  5. Amazing job Mikhil love the photos.
    -Fiona mckinnon

  6. Wow what a super time you must have had. I love going on the go carts. It is so much fun and I love the speed that you can get up to. I love all ofyoyr photos.