PB4L ( Postive behaviour for learning)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

One Big Day

WALT: Compose a story (recount) about
an event,using full stops,capital letters
commas,speech marks.

One hot, sunny day, I went to my cousins house. We were having so much fun playing outside.
My little cousin came outside and annoyed us so we told her go away! She says “no!”. So she asked to play. We said “yes ,” because she had no-one to play with. As we played she keeps annoying us like always.
We played in the play house and ran around and  then we played with some water and wet each other. It looked like we didn't make it to the bathroom haha. Me and Emily wet my cousin Grace. She cried “boho waa,” says Grace. We laughed as she runs inside. Me and Emily carry on playing, laughing and having fun. Then my cousin starts tickling me. I say “stop,”but she carries on. Then I burp and Emily stops tickling me. We laughed about my burp because it sounded like this (errrrrrrrrrrrrpa).
The next thing my grumpy uncle comes out. “Aaa,” I think we're in trouble, but he just brought us watermelon.It tasted really yummy.  We finished eating and  we played some more. “Emily! hahah” “stop hahah!! stop, tickling me”.
“We are all dry Claire, but you're still wet,” say’s Emily. “Hmmm, maybe I spilt watermelon juice on me.” “Ummm, no thats not watermelon juice.” “Ummm, ok, it’s pee.” “You wet your pants because you were tickling me.” “Sorry, but your going to have to wear a pair of my pants that are too small.


  1. clair feed forwerd use full stops and add some pics matthew

  2. Wow that was amazing and funny at the same time!