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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Rocket Writing

I have seen everything you would want to see Trolls, Mermaids, Giants and many more. I have seen EVERYTHING other than... Fairies. Well, I’m about to see my destiny: Fairy Mansion.

I’m walking across the rickety bridge that wobbles as I walk, each step get’s me closer and closer. I reach forward to touch the hanging vines covering the entrance. I open it to see the most magnificent thing I have ever seen, tree branches covered in teeny-tiny houses, pink,purple and yellow lamp’s making me cover my eyes with my hands, fairies zooming past me not noticing a giant (to them) is standing right in the middle of their Mansion. Finally, someone notices me, he holds up his tiny hand and blows his microscopic whistle and everybody stops what they’re doing and starts to panic as the tiny fairy figure tells them what to do. Everybody runs into their little bungalows, and the little man with his tiny hands sitting on his hips, and his silky brown hair that nicely rests on his shoulders and big crystal-like blue eyes that glitter with fear and his freckled cheeks that make his eyes look amazing, his tiny mouth, a dark red color, he wears a leafy green colored shirt with brown revolting trousers and miniature purple shoes, looks furious.

He flies up to me making an awful noise as his wings flutter. He comes really close to my face and tells me his name: “Mallow Rigidus, and you HAVE to leave, we are already endangered in many MANY places. People have found us fellow human! So please oh please leave.” That outraged me. People KILL fairies, how could they! “I can help you.” I say with confidence. “I have helped many fantasy creatures in need, I COULD help you.” I say. He takes his microscopic whistle again and blows it, every fairy comes out trembling with fear. “Fellow fairies! This human here has offered to help us since we’re in need!”. Every fairy cheered, or at least I think they did. Some disapproved and started throwing things at tiny Mallow. “STOP!.” I ordered. “My name is Charlotte Johnson, and I am here to HELP you!” They all stopped throwing things at Mallow and stared up at me their eyes gleaming with hope. Silence struck the Mansion for a second, then they all cheered, their voices filled with faith, not only in me, but in them too.

To Be Continued...

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