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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Silly Stories

  My Silly Stories

The Girl Who Turned Purple

There once was a girl named Violetta who NEVER EVER ate Egg Plants. She always said ‘EWW, it’s purple!’ As purple is her least favourite color. Then one day she woke up and was excited about going to school to show everybody the new hairstyle she got over the holidays. But when she went to the bathroom to brush her hair, she gave an ear-splitting shriek. Her parents come running towards the bathroom, curious why their daughter is screaming. ‘Oh my…’ Violetta’s surprised mum says. Violetta’s body has turned purple and her hair has fallen out. What next… Violetta thought, a mustache? Then instantly she grew a mustache. Violetta, speechless, just stands there muttering to herself. Her dad, Mr Martez, goes to get his shaver and after shave and hands it to his daughter not knowing what to do. While her mum is actually helping by ringing the school and telling them Violetta is very sick, Violetta is trying to shave her mustache. Then a knocking sound appeared from the front of the house, and Mr Martez is instantly walking away from his awful looking daughter, hoping his boss was there to give him a lift to work. But it was just a strange looking woman with a broom. She pushes past Mr Martez and walks to the bathroom where Violetta is. ‘Hello, I’m the witch from next door.’ She says curtsying. ‘I see… Mhmm… Ahhh. I see, you have a bad case of noteatingacertainfood disease. But no need to worry all you need to do is eat an Egg Plant. You’ll grow your hair back and not be so... purple.
So from that day on, Violetta always ate Egg Plants. Her hair grew back and she wasn’t purple anymore.
The Boy Who Never Stopped Talking
There once was a boy named Tom, he didn’t have any friend’s. He always wondered why, he never talked, so he thought that was the problem. One day he had a smart idea, except it wasn’t that smart, he decided to never stop talking. And he kept to the idea. Even when he still had no friends, even though people started bullying him, even though he got into trouble by all the teacher’s in the school. His mum and dad have tried helping him, but he wouldn’t listen. One rainy day, he was trying to watch T.V but he couldn’t hear a thing since his parents were talking the whole way through. He tried watching T.V in his room, but he could still hear them talking. “STOP TALKING!” He tried to say, but this time his parents weren’t listening. After a while he noticed this is how his parents always feel. So Tom decided to speak but not too much.
From that day onwards he ALWAYS had friends, he wasn't to quite, and he wasn't to loud...
The Cat Who Was Afraid Of Spiders
There once was a cat name Will, he wasn’t afraid of anything. While everyone was asleep, he decided to go venture around his neighbourhood, he went around to his friends place to ask if he also wanted to go adventuring. But when he got to the cat’s backyard, he saw a spider. Will, who isn’t afraid of anything, is afraid of spiders. Will slowly turns around not wanting to be noticed by the hideous looking spider. ‘Hey!’ The spider calls, and Will, who was creeping slowly, is now sprinting towards the gate if the house. When he is safe in his house, knowing the spider isn’t there, another spider says ‘Hi!’ and Will is sprinting for his life down the road. Then his friend Bertie comes around the corner laughing his cat head off because of some joke. ‘Will, the cat who wasn’t afraid of something is afraid of something. HAHAHA!’
By Lelani




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