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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sky's recount!! National Young Leaders Day 2015

National young leaders day 2015
On the 21st of May, I went to NYLD- National Young Leader’s Day. I am very lucky to be chosen to go and my parents supported me as well.

On the day, We met at school 7:30A.M. in the morning. It is very early for me! We came that early is because we would have a better chance of getting a better view of speaker!

We were very lucky, because we were the first school to arrive at Vodafone Event Centre. As we went inside, we saw the information table which sold the pins and NYLD notebooks. We also got this little notebook for us to take notes when the speakers are talking. Of Course, with a pen. When we were settled, we got sent out to buy either the   pins ($5.00) or the notebook ($10).

We had to wait for a LONG time until it actually started. But just before we started, we had a camera was on us, everyone went crazy! “Here comes the countdown! 3! 2! 1!” Boom! Finally it’s starting.

To begin with, is the main topic for the day: Your amazing journey. First we had a man called William Pike. He is a amazing person who had a very exciting and scary story. It was about climbing a mountain with his friend James. There was a big pond in front of the place where they were living on the mountain. It was filled with water, big rocks mud and other things. One night he was sleeping and the water, mud and everything in the pond was rising higher and higher. Suddenly, DROP! He was stuck right the the back of the camp. The rocks were as big as netball. Just imagine that! His brave friend-James ran all the way from the mountain and found a rescue team. At the time, William’s body temperature was only 25 degrees!! When he came out of the hospital, he had a fake leg. Things have changed for him, but he never gave up his dream of climbing more and more mountain. All Passion, No Limits.

The next one was a daughter and her dad- Riley and Steve. They were the sea life savers, and talked about why we should care more about sea lives. They also made a T.V. show about it called: Young Ocean Explorers. This is used to inspire young children to save the life of sea animals.

There were other speakers to inspire us from their amazing journey. Here are the other speakers that I didn't mention: Rukumoana(A leader of a city), Darryl Sabin, Libby Christophers, Phoenix, Alex & Corban Walls(The block NZ), They all had really amazing stories!!

My opinion of the day was very cool because it was my first time. My favourite person of the day is Darryl Sabin because he is very brave, and he had a brain damage in 2009 anzac day. He did not give up his dream, and he is still recovering. I really wish that I can go back next year.

Be Strong, Follow Your Dreams!!!
By Sky

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