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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Danielle's Birthday

"Bye Mum!" I said and waved when she opened the door to the car. I closed the door as soon as I was in their huge house.

Danielle stood up and walked to the kitchen and then grabbed me a little bag filled with things. "Here you go." She said and smiled.


As soon as we had climbed into the car Danielle's mum said "When we get to Westfield I'm going to get you each a $30.00 Westfield Gift Card and Danielle a $35.00 Gift Card."

When we got there, she did so, everyone was excited to spend their $30.00. "Why don't I get $30.00 too?" Natalee, Danielle's sister asked. Danielle answered: "Because it's my birthday."

Natalee rolled her eyes. "Mum, can we go to that place that makes the nicest smoothie's?" Asked Danielle. Her mum nodded. Danielle linked arms with Alana and Cecilia and I linked arms with Cecilia.


When we reached the smoothie place Alana and Danielle went to go wait in line. "$5.00 for a small cup of smoothie!" "No way!" I shaked my head in disbelief. "Agreed" Said Cecilia. "It's very nice" Said Alana taking a sip from the cup. I point to Whitcoulls. "Can we go there?" I asked with an exciting tone in my voice. Danielle looked at her mum and said " Only for a while." I ran towards Whitcoulls and went straight to the book section. Cecilia followed. "There's no good books!" I said and she nodded in agreement. " Lets go look for Alana and Dannie." She said. We walked around for a moment and found Alana looking at this toy that she really liked But costs $25.00. "Should I buy it Dannie?" She said as Danielle walked up to her. "If you want." She answered. Alana picked up the toy and walked to the counter.


"Can we got to the 2 dollar shop?" Asked Cecilia. Danielle nodded and entered the shop, I waited outside as they went to go buy stuff. When they came back Cecilia, Danielle and Alana had matching necklaces but different colours, and Cecilia also had a teddy bear. "Who's hungry?"

"ME!" We all shouted. "Ok, we're going to Denny's."


After we ate lunch Cecilia had to go home so we dropped her off back at The Gardens. On the way back to Danielle's house, Alana took her Nerf Guns out and said "When we get back to Danielle's house we're going to play outside with them." I nodded and said "OK."


Danielle, Alana, Danielle's cousin and I, set off to the park as soon as we got out the car. "I'm coming too!" Natalee said as she ran after us. When we reach the park we pick teams, Alana and Danielle team up and I am left with a boy I barely know, but soon after that, I figured it wouldn't be as bad as I thought because we kept winning.


"Come on I'll walk you back." Said Danielle.


As I get into the car with my grandma I told her we all got given $30.00 and I didn't spend any of it.


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