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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tayla's speech. (Got into finals)

 Why we should stop hunting animals

Don't you think that we have lost enough? We have lost rainforests, most of our natural resources, and now we are going to lose animals! This is my speech on why we should stop animal hunting. My reasons are..

1.  Animals are becoming endangered.

2. The death causes.

3.  It’s profit-driven.

1.  Animals are becoming endangered.

In present day, lots of our animals are become endangered due to hunting and poaching. For those who don’t know what poaching is it’s illegal hunting killing or capturing wild animals. In New Zealand the Moa was hunted to extinction. Now the only place you can find them is in museums and no they are not alive. One of the other animals that was hunted to extinction was the huia. The Huia was said to be a lovely beautiful bird. Now you can also only see them in the museums. If we keep on hunting we will lose more and more of our lovely animals and how upsetting would that be?

2. The death causes.

According to the International Hunter Education Association approximately 1,000 people are accidentally shot each year in the UK and Canada by other hunters thinking that they were animals. Just under 100 of those people die. So not only are we losing our beautiful wildlife, we are hurting and losing humans too!

3. It’s profit-driven.

Have you ever seen mats made out of animal skin or fur, clothing items made from real animal fur or wall decorations with the heads or tusks of animals? This is how hunters make their money. Take alligator hunting for an example.The hunting season lasts 30-37 days, within those days depending on how many alligators they hunt, and the size of the alligators they hunt they could earn a profit of up to $18,900. And that is for the skin alone. There is still a profit that can be made off the alligator meat. Most of the people that hunt go for fun or entertainment. In New Zealand approximately 50,000 people have gun licenses for hunting. The thing is why hunt when you have Countdown or Pak'nsave and even New Word to buy your food at.

In conclusion hunting can lead to serious injuries, extension of species Eg The Huia the Moa and the Haast eagle. It also shows that it is profit-driven which means people do it for money. Well now I think that we should stop hunting animals and start spending more time family or friends. Thank you.  


  1. Hey Tayla. You're speech had a great moral. Keep up the good work
    Lewis O

  2. Hey Tayla, your speech has a great message and has a lot of powerful points. Well done!

  3. Hey Tayla, your speech has a great message and has a lot of powerful points. Well done!