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Sunday, 17 May 2015

ANZAC- Lelani


Diary of Private Ellis Silas - May 1915

    1 May 1915
Today we killed and lost more men than usual . I’m devastated, is this what hell feels like? Seeing men fly through the air as grenades hit them?
2 May 1915
Most men made it to the other side and into the trench. As soon as we got out the Turks shot us , I was able to get through while my mate and others got shot . I tried to help but I was useless . I left them...
3 May 1915
Our supplies are getting cut off – Turks have complete command of the roads which we have to go through. I still haven’t gotten through the fact that I was useless when it came to helping my mate.
4 May 1915
Men called out to me to make a run for it ‘ the snipers will get you stupid’ However I was tired of running away, I was taking a
Chance. I got shot in the left shoulder , I think the Turks were being nice in a way.
5 May 1915
At 6 P.M we marched off. Half way up the hill we had a rest and a quick snack, then off we went again getting ready to attack.We were to attack 7 P.m. sharp. Lieutenant Gibbs looked at his watch “ 7 o’clock lads, time to attack” Up we rushed, it was horrible. The screams of wounded, bursting of the shells and the defining sounds of the rifles. “ Take cover, I'll give you a signal when to come out” I soon took cover, and waited for the signal.
30 minutes passed when I got the signal. There weren’t much men their. I wondered what we were going to do when we get to the top.
6 May 1915
As we made it to the top today, Turks started shooting us from all directions, General Margolin got shot several times, he is still alive...for now.
7 May 1915
As I walked up to the men, one stopped me and asked what my name was and what the password was. I looked at him and asked ‘ Don’t you remember me? We came on the same ship here, its me Silas’ He let me in. I  walked in and saw General Margolin, he was still alive. I walked up to him and asked if everything was OK. They didn’t answer. I knew what they meant.
12 June 1915

As I write this, I am in deep pain. I won’t make it through the night. I got shot several times. 

Dear Mamma,

I won't make it through the night. I promised you just before I went, I will come back, I promised. I'm sorry.

Your loving son, Ellis Silas