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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Adahs ANZAC poem

The ANZAC army had such great might, and would never go down without a fight, they were amazing and wonderful at what they did and would always be true, no lies, no fibs. Soldiers and soldiers, side by side wearing the medals with pride. To be in the ANZAC army would really be an honor, we would be brave, confident and as tall as a tower and when they fought, they fought with power,while they grew and grew just like a flower. They were the soldiers with huge and big hearts, I know it must have been hard to be apart, but we know that that fought for us, so we will be forever thank full no matter what. All these soldiers had friends and family, all they wanted was to live free with no worry! Some went to war with no fear and as they wrote their letters, the were crying and crying with many tears, but the letters made their family worry with pain as they stare at their faces in the dusty frame. The friends had believed In them so much, but felt as if they weren't coming back without their touch. The soldiers had the most golden smile and no mountain was high enough, nothings too far, not 12 or 10 miles. They were loyal, trustworthy and fun at their own pace and because of them, we always had faith. So for soldiers everywhere I say thank you, thank you because for now we are safe, the war is done and through.  


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