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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hayley holiday blog post

In my holidays i was lucky to go to America they have good street food like hot dogs churros. There was this man how mad the best hot dogs  I've ever had .My family and I had some Mexican food  in two  restaurants it was very tasty.


The  first theme park we went to was six flags the line's were humongous it would take like a hour to get through them.But there was one good rides we went on they were called tastsu. The second theme ride we went to was Disneyland .It was cool because we went to this rain forest cafe it had fake snakes, gorillas.

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Image result for Disneyland california adventure cars land

The second theme park we went to was knots berry farm . We went on this ride it was called the exculatur. It has really scary rides like the supreme scream.  Knots berry farm xcelerator

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The next theme park we went to was Disneyland California adventure. It was awesome. there was this ride called the Tower of terror it was scary it would drop you then take you up high and then drop you again in the dark. Disneyland tower of terror 

So that was my holiday.

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