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Monday, 16 February 2015

Crosbie`s Hoilday blogpost

 Hi, my name is Crosbie . In the holidays I  went to Cambridge at  for the Waka- ama nationals and won Bronze. It was a great  little town with nice restaurants and the lake.

the most of the time we were taking long walks  around  the beautiful  scenery of New zealand .And taking day cruise  along the Waikato river .The lake was so pretty in the moring and the air was so fresh until the loud  speakers broke the peace.All the teams rearing to go the camping grounds booming with people every one having breakfast and setting up tents.         

Then at night it was so still and quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The air was so light and a nice breeze  was so refreshing. Every day the sun would come out and you would love the shade. 

The pools were so nice after a hard day of paddling. I love Cambridge as there are so many things . Even though it is a small town it sure does make up for it with the small  shops and the Ice-cream shoppes  just what you need after a  nice hot day .

And the cool little markets that they have every weekend and some times they would sell some really cool things that even I would love to have .

But one of my highlights was the lake the racing and the day curies and the paths along the shore with picnic tables along the way I think that Cambridge has a lot of other cool and interesting attractions to it like the new and improved av anti drone. All the trees and horse and the amazing warm.(sometimes to warm).

I will always come back to this small but wonderful town  it has so much to do .

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