PB4L ( Postive behaviour for learning)

Thursday, 6 August 2015

When I grow up I want to be a electronics specialist/app developer!
Ever since I had the strength to push buttons and  fidget  with technology I have grown an interest,  not only because I like it  but because I’m good at fixing, programming, and setting-up all kinds of ICT (Information Communication Technology).

Why Do I Like Technology?
Because nearly everything is easy to alter and I can share my knowledge with everyone else.

Why Have I Chosen Technology/App Developer As A Possible Career?
Because technology is fun, you can experiment in lots of ways, and I am good at it.

From Now What Can I Do To Achieve My Career?
  • Share my technology knowledge.
  • Find out answers to queries I might have.
  • Learn computer signals/logos.
  • Learn more on touch typing.
  • Learn app coding.

What’s The Average Wage For A Technology Expert/App Developer?
Roughly around 80,000-130,000  per year...

If I was to achieve my ultimate goal I would be very much satisfied because of what I may do/share for others and how far my skills will go...


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post Lewis. This sounds like a really interesting job. When I think back (admittedly it's a long time ago) this is the sort of job that wasn't even around when I was considering "what should I do, when I grow up"! Good on you for thinking ahead and for having some aspirational goals - you'd be fantastic at this job, and I could see it would be a good fit!

  2. Lewis I can totally see you in this field of work!

  3. Lewis I can totally see you in this field of work!