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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Agent VS Agent

Agent VS Agent
SHAKE,SHAKE! The Box has turned evil by Amelie. The Box is a Planet, that is shaped like a Box.When it turns evil it shakes. The founder of the Box is Natalia Butcherman
Smith. She was born in Donut land. When Natalia discovered the Box she was Nineteen years old.

Amelie is no longer a spy because she tried to take over the world. She has long blond hair and green eyes.

Lily to the rescue. Lily has long blond hair and blue eyes. She is a spy as well.

One day in the Box it was dark, the lights were dim and fog all around. All you heard was Amelie the spy’s voice. She said ‘‘ I’ve been waiting a long time for this to happen, bow to your new queen Amelie!’’

The President sends Lily the good spy to Box. It takes two whole days to get to Box. When Lily arrives she goes to the spy hide out she facetimes the President. The president says ‘‘ Lily I need you to go to the center of the Box, to stop Amelie’’. Lily says ‘‘ yes Mr President sir’’.

Late at night Lily snuck into the beehive of the Box. In the hallway Lily heard the guards talking about what room the queen is in, the guards said ‘‘ The queen is in room 103’’. Lily wa son floor 210, so she had to go on an hover board and fly  down to room 103.

When she got there she heard queen Amelie talking she said ‘‘ No one can stop me now haha’’. Then Lily said ’’ That’s not true’’. Then Lily kicked the door down pushing the guards away then she pushed the queen out of the window and the queen plummeted to her death.

Then Lily went and got the crown and called the undertakers to pick up her body. Then Lily called the President and told him that Amelie was dead. Then the President said ‘‘Lily because of your bravery you are the new queen of Box’’. Lily said ‘‘ Are you joking President sir ‘’. The president said ‘‘
I’m the president when do I ever joke’’.

Then Lily became the queen and she was the first spy queen in the whole world and that is pretty cool don’t you think. People love queen Lily and they always  listened to her.


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